I Thought Of You Today

An unfinished thought…
Or did I feel you? I was driving. In the wet. With Eight lives (including 3 toddlers) trusting my driving skills & sensibilities in conditions that most people wouldn’t voluntarily drive.

I thought of you and thought how you liked the bus trips with me. Remember the Laura Dance Festival? You were my shotgun. You were with me today, and tonight too. When we were driving in the dark, in the rain, and on a highway through unfenced cattle country.

*A Digression* (of sorts)
If you’re ever driving through unfenced cattle country (or any bush road) up here, these hints and observations may help you avoid a nasty accident.

1: If you don’t really have to, don’t drive up here at night.

2: Cattle will gather on the bitumen around dusk to play ‘Chicken’ with drivers. Actually, they gather for the warmth of the bitumen, which dissipates its heat very slowly.

3: If you see cattle ahead, and if you think you’re imagining that they might be restless, SLOW THE PHUK DOWN!

4: If you don’t have really, really good spotlights and/or headlights, Black cattle will be all but invisible.

5: Oncoming traffic at night will make seeing cattle difficult. Slow down.


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