Friday Night at The Shed or Random Looks Inside My Head

The Dogs Are Happy
One thing about being out of reception & Interwebz range, is that my posts get longer.

It’s Friday night. A Friday night in town getting drunk didn’t appeal to me. So I moved some of our stuff out to the shed & brought Jack & Floyd out to meet Flossy instead and got drunk here. They’re all getting along fine as expected. I didn’t think there’d be problems. Floyd took Flossy by surprise though. His energy freaked her a bit. Jack gets the shits when Floyd won’t leave him alone, but Floyd is just a little smart-arse. He has even been sidling up to Flossy, trying to get a reaction. He deserves a lesson in hierarchy I think. After all, as cute and feisty as he is, he’s a dog at the bottom of the pack ladder. He keeps trying to sneak into the bedroom too. I realised tonight that he has lived on a concrete slab for most of his 7 months. He of course knows the beach, the rivers & the bush though. I mean, he learned about the ocean at four weeks.


Creeks and waterfalls came not long after.


Radio Blues

I organised some semblence of background entertainment for the shed. Before I came out this arvo, I pulled the speakers and stereo out of Jimmy. Jimmy is my/our landcruiser wagon.
I hooked it up to a twelve volt battery and then bodgied up a rudimentary aerial with an old phone line.


I can get a.m. radio now. But that won’t last. Daytime kills am reception due to interference from the Sun and stuff. I am currently listening to 4AM. It’s a tablelands station. ‘Easy listening’.
Oh. My. Gods.
‘Touch Me In The Morning’. Karen Carpenter?
It’s either that, football, static, football, country, or static. I have six presets.
I’ll retune.
I found some Creedence. I’ll see what they follow up with…Irene Cara?
Ahhh fukkit. It’s better than
‘…standing in the early light of the silvery moon…’,
which was playing on the country station.
Remember ‘Ol’ Sid’ by Darryl Braithwaite (Sherbet)? It’s playing now. Anyway, end of playlist recitation.


It must be part of our humanity to want some form of music around us. Yes, I like my quiet,but I love my music too. Or maybe it’s because I’ve had so many years of background noise with computers and truck radios and stereos etc that I don’t feel quite comfortable without some umbilical cord of sound to the outside world now. To know that while I’m out of the loop, the rest of the village is carrying on kinda comforts me.


Or it could be that I have been so used to being with Her for so long, that solitude is now very foreign to me. Seventies and eighties saccharine pop just doesn’t cut it.
Conversation. Just non-confrontational, non-competitive conversation, easy conversation. Like talking about the kids. Or about where we were planning to go for our next adventure. Or even ‘Green’ issues. We’d get heated and emotional sometimes, but not at each other. She would get so psyched up over uranium in particular. And the very real sustainable power solution of having all households solar powered. The reasoning being that this would remove a huge load off conventional coal-fired plants. Heavy load industries could still use fossil power to draw heavy loads, but the majority of domestic & lighting would be sustainable. As technology advances & heavy load solar or thermal,or other renewable technology can handle it, we can eliminate our need for fossil or nuclear power.
Go back to the early days of The Green Bus, even if you are a long time follower, and you’ll see Her.


I feel comfortable out here tonight. The point of spending nights here now is to get a feel for the spirit of the place. I’ve walked around the block in daylight, and it’s nice, but the real essence of the surrounding rainforest comes out at night. The rain has eased now. It hasn’t rained since sunset (10:30pm) & now the frogs, crickets and other night creatures are singing, or cacophonising. Tom Jones is serenading me with ‘Love Me Tonight’ through the radio. I think I prefer the forests cacophony actually πŸ™‚

The Snake Skin

This is something I’ve been meaning to show you. This skin was left in the shed by previous tenants. It is 190cm (6’2″) long. I have no idea where it was found, but it’s somewhat large, and based on my rudimentary recognition skills, I am guessing it’s a Taipan skin. Based purely on the size of the head end, and the scale look and skin colour/ sheen. I’ve included some close shots as well. Should have shot it in daylight. Of course, it could just be a python skin. Maybe an expert can comment (like my niece Jody in Darwin).


A full view of the skin. The head is at bottom left where the ruler is. Detail below.


Below is a detail of the scales (maybe I should get better images).


The Card

A Twitter friend offered to draw a card for me a few weeks ago. She said she get back to me. A little while later sent me this card and the general meaning of it. I thought she was drawing from a physical deck. Silly me, this is the new millennium πŸ™‚
The card is quite interesting. Check it out.




The Weather

I was just listening to the midnight news on ABC radio. The weather report is warning of severe weather in the Gulf and Western Cape. That weather, or at least the rain, is expected to head this way. Hopefully I won’t get rained in before we’ve finished moving.


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