Saturday Night-More From the Lunatic Fringe

I seriously am, and have always been, a hopeless bloody romantic.
Should I elaborate?
I like giving gifts to that ‘someone’. Like the cliché stuff. Flowers. Perfume. Fluffy beats. But only, and absolutely only if the ‘someone’ likes that sort of thing. If they don’t, then I wouldn’t insult them by trying to give them flowers or whatever.

I like conversation, but I can also be comfortable with silence. Conversation is so…bonding. You learn a lot when yarning with someone.

Honesty. I don’t care where you’ve been or what you’ve done. I don’t give a flying fuck how ‘hardcore’ or whatever you think you are. I don’t need you to validate yourself with tales of your past exploits. Just be honest when we meet. Our histories can be the food for conversation another time.

Walking along a beach really is a beautiful thing.

Waking at dawn, and quietly watching your partner sleeping, as the early light gently caresses their face.

A very soft, gentle kiss. One given with unconditional love.

That tingling in your fingers as you softly glide them over your partners back from their neck down to the small of their back.

“I love you” and you know that those three words mean so much.

I love the faces of my children & my Grand daughter. I especially love their beautiful smiles.

I love the clean, fresh scent of a forest. The air really is pure.

Frogs. Big Green ones. Little Brown ones. I don’t care. They’re all magical.

That feeling as you wake up naturally. Not to an alarm. Not with a hangover. But just naturally, around dawn. The birds are greeting the coming sun. A gentle breeze cools the air. You wish the morning could stand still for a while.

I love my friends. I count nine who I know would do anything for me. I have a dozen or more that I would do anything for. Then there is family. Blood and adopted. More than I can count. All of who I would give my life for.

I think about Her more than I think about anything else. She fills my waking world.

I don’t dream much anymore.

I make arguably the best soufflé omelette in the world. True!

I would be happy to grow old tending a fruit and vegetable garden. When I get old that is.

I still have a lot of travelling to do before I settle down anywhere. A home base maybe, but not an anchor.

I have only ever advised my kids on things I have experience with. The four most important things I’ve said to my kids (in my humble opinion) are,

1: You can do anything you want to do in your life. Anything. So long as it doesn’t harm others.

2: Never spend your life in one town or city. Explore! Learn new things & meet different people.

3: Treat everyone with the respect you would hope to receive rom them.

4: As the Dalai Lama kinda says,”We are on this planet primarily to help people. If we cannot help them, we should at least do them no harm”.

I wish for world peace just like you.

And the perfect pavlova.


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