Washing and Water Supply

I can wash clothes! I mean I always could ‘wash clothes’, but in town we had no machine, & so used one of the two local laundromats. Yes, Cooktown has two. One at the wharf and one up the other end of town. We have fisherpeople, and lots of tourists to look after.
So I have a load on the go. I’ll hang ’em inside to dry. With luck they’ll dry before ging mouldy.

The water here comes from a bore that taps a pure spring. Drinking pure. The tank on the hill ran dry earlier,so I’m in the process of filling it again. It’ll take a few hours or so.
I need to go to town and finish moving stuff, but the rain has only recently stopped. Once the tank is full,it should be dry enough to get up the hill. When I get Jimmy out,I’ll leave the Falcon up the hill.

I had another wander around, planning what to clear first. I have my machete, and it is grass slicing sharp. I might do some hand clearing around the house while I’m waiting for the tank to fill.

Here are some random pics.


The old rainwater tank stand.



I couldn’t find my canvas spats. One dead pair of socks.


The small herb patch, and my…


…passionfruit seedlings.


Fruit! I found this soursop on the ground. Word is that they have cancer curing properties.


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