Getting Comfortable

I went back into town today. My mate was asleep & didn’t wake up when I had the cars running. I’ll go back into town tomorrow & bring Jimmy & some more stuff out.

I can’t get pics with my fone, but I’ve seen some beautiful Ullysses butterflies around. I really am getting quite comfortable here. I mean, this is my ‘back door’ view.


It is far better for my head than in the big smoke of Cooktown. The only real luxury here is 240v mains. No hot water though. I’m going to make a ‘donkey’ when it dries out a bit. For now, cool baths tempered with a jug of boiled water will be fine.

Everything here is simple. Rudimentary even. A new gas upright stove & oven. A sink. Benches. Some storage. A bath/shower/laundry. I managed to upgrade the sound. A Kenwood kit hooked up to Jimmys speakers. The Kenwood kit also has a dual cassette player & a CD player. I can hook my phone into it too 🙂
I just need a decent set of real speakers.




The car speakers are taped into 2 litre coke bottles. They make good temporary sound boxes when tucked into the old Singer sewing machine table drawers.
The stereo system sits on an old Singer frame.

I get Rebel FM, plus ABC Classic FM on a good night. But as I said earlier, I have six gig of MP3s on my phone, so music is sorted.

Out the front door is a weathered,soot stained half shed. The remains of an old wood stove and hot water reservoir sits in there, once a hot water system for the house. That’s where I’ll set up the hot water donkey.



It’s just on sunset. Time turn off any unneeded lights inside, lest another swarm of flying ants and other assorted insects find their way inside. I have a decoy light outside that will keep the froga & geckos happy. They’ll get fat on the creatures attracted to the light.

07:00am Monday. It’s been raining all night.
I haven’t checked the track or the gullies yet to see if I can get out. If I can’t drive out, I’ll walk out and hitch into town. Then I’ll grab the 4 wheel drive & some more stuff. I need to build a slightly raised platform and lean-to for the dogs as well. It’s just too wet to leave them outside. Even if they are ‘just dogs’. The donkey shed only has two walls & there is no other cover around.

09:00 Time to bite the bullet and check this track out.
10:00 …and I got into town 🙂


One thought on “Getting Comfortable

  1. Looks good to me. Done my share of “roughing it”(at least the city slickers think so) living in sheds. New stove, electricity, and running water on tap are real luxuries, and a real bath tub as well. Setting just adds to the advantages. Enjoy.



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