Well, That Was Interesting

That ‘Five Weeks’ post I did on The Green Bus. That was an emotional release, but was really hard to write. That’s why I stopped where I did. It took about two hours to put that post together. I was forcing myself *not* to collapse in a blubbering wreck. I did though. There is a series of four photos that Kathy took of us kissing. You saw two. That was the start (just to be able to look into her eyes again).Ā  Then, the photos of Her looking so happy with Her Sisters. Did you know that when Kathy was a child, She was caring for a newborn Tina, because Her mother went through post-natal depression and a breakdown, & all but abandoned them).Ā  For Mark & Paul, this was a heart wrenching time to have a reunion. For reasons that don’t need discussion, Tina hadn’t seen her brothers for many years. They are both good souls, but ‘things’ happen that can throw siblings apart. It really puts life in perspective when it takes a horrible nightmare to bring people back together.

Life can be very, very short. Please don’t let the small things, or your ego, or pride stop you from reconciling with a family member, or trusted friend. Sometimes, a small thing can inadvertently become a big issue. Step back. Think how the other person might be feeling. To rehash an old, very wise saying, ‘put yourself in their shoes’. I really mean it. Get inside their head. You will see their view. Then you can balance it out. You know, taking that first step can be so hard, but the benefits far out-weigh the perceived loss of face.
I think the key things in life are a little humility, and the ancient Sanskrit greeting or farewell, describing mutual respect, reference and peace, ‘Namaste’.

(Disclaimer & digression): There are things that can *never* be forgiven. I don’t believe in a ‘god’ of any sort. I believe that *we* control ourselves. If we fuck up, no ‘god’ can forgive us. Our peers & family are the only ‘gods’. In other words, if you’ve done something so bad, that even family members refuse to forgive you, then you’ve really fucked up bad. I know three people that I can apply that belief/ideology to. Forget the mass murderers & Hitleresque types. I’m talking about three people that I *know*.
I take very seriously the term ‘Unforgivable’. There are others that I, in other peoples’ views, would consider me justified in calling Unforgivable. But I can see ‘their’ view. The Three are very Black souls. Very Black.

I often read about the inherent traits of Scorpios. Often the vengeful trait is mentioned. If we’re wronged, we remember.
Well, a long time ago I learnt, maybe even trained myself, to completely forget people who have done bad by me or a friend.
I found that stewing over something that had pissed me off about someone stressed me too much. So I learnt to pretend they didn’t exist.
But the Three Unforgivable will never be forgotten. Ever.
As for the rest of you (even the forgotten), *HUGE* hugs šŸ™‚
*End of digression*

You, or your many loved ones lives could end tomorrow for a myriad of reasons. We have too much love to give to each other to let it be stifled by petty disagreements, ego driven obstinance, jealousy, or whatever. Fuck gang, all SEVEN BILLION of us live on a miniscule little ball in an extremely fucking huge universe. We tiny little things can’t afford to hate. We *need* to spread love & healing & all that other supposed hippy bullshit.
As the Dalai Lama reckons, ‘Our primary purpose is to help others. If we can’t help someone, we should at least do them no harm.

OK, I won’t harm the The Three Unforgivable.

This post was going to be about my trip to Cairns. Maybe next time, when I’m not explaining things about myself to myself on my blog.

A random memory before I stop. I was at Auravale in 1982. I was young. I did something to upset Don, who owns the place. I apologised. He said at first,”Don’t say sorry, just don’t do it again”. Later,the philosophy of ‘sorry’ was discussed (Not the KRudd ‘sorry’, but the term itself).
Consensus? Sorry is more often a word said in self-shame for being caught out or just plain embarrassment for being belittled, not for regret over hurting someone, or as a term for grief (I’m sorry for your loss). ‘Sorry’ is an easy out word sometimes. I overuse ‘sorry’, but more in terms of an ‘umm’ type word.
Tina would sometimes say,”stop saying sorry”, when I’d apologise for overusing ‘sorry’ šŸ™‚ .
Anyway, sorry for rambling.

OK, my very last digression. The temperature is down to the low 20C’s, so I’ve put the air conditioner in the bedroom on 26C so I can sleep. Last night in Cairns, after trying to sleep in the cold for bloody ages, I turned the air-con up to 26 (from 22), then climbed under the blankets! Then I slept like a baby. I really can’t do cold.
I remember Perth as an eleven year old. But not the cold. Well, except when forced to go to swimming training. With my Big Sister. In Winter. In an outdoor pool. Oh, and going ice-skating in Winter. Or going to the beach. Come to think of it,it was friggin *cold* over there! Yeah. If I’m gunna live in a cold place (which I won’t), I’d need a straw bale house with a big central fireplace. 26C or above all year please šŸ™‚

Hold The Presses!
I may have been mistaken, but I think Alice Cooper (Alice Cooper at Night radio syndicate on RebelFM 6 til 9) just mentioned an email *I* sent him. He played Pink Floyd’s ‘Breathe’ straight after. Of course, I sent the email months ago…about stuff. And I may have just I heard Him mention me. I wasn’t listening real hard.
RebelFM are also advertising Cure For Life, a brain cancer research foundation. I am yet to check the site out, due to reception issues out here. But I’ll report back soon.


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