The Rain Has Cleared Yay!

The rain has cleared, the sun is shining, and it is blowing again. Last night it rained a little, but today is beautiful 🙂
I took a couple of quick pics.
The first two are Elephant ear plants. Not sure of their proper name. The first is growing out of a little log offcut. The leaf at the back is 55cm long from the tip to where the stem meets the leaf. Overall it is 75cm.


This one is a bit bigger. The front leaf is 90cm long, 120cm overall. I reckon they are the coolest things. I paid heaps for one of these in Rocky once. Here they’re near wild!


This is our little front tropicali area. It needs a tidy up, but is a very cool spot to relax.


Oh, to have a DSLR in my hand. I just saw two huge Ulysses butterflies flit by. They have absolutely brilliant Blue, irridescent wings. They look incredible against this lush, Green backdrop. We also have an old Sunbird nest by the kitchen window. A couple of birds have been checking out,but it has been wet. I hope they move in close to the shed.

I posted over at The Green Bus too. Some more photos of our friend and my sweetheart..


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