My Flux Capacitor Is In Overdrive

It’s just weird, but it is fact. I’ve written about Lori’s Blog before. Lori lost the Man of Her life in tragic circumstances. She describes Her ongoing struggle in a manner that is palpable. Immersive.
It so happened that I was reading some of her posts one day & first one, then another, seemed uncannily like posts I’d written. Our posts are months apart, but in about the same timeframe relative to when our respective partners passed. Sorry, this reads really creepy, like a stalker. I’m not though. I just kept seeing parallels, which in some way gave me comfort. I mean, Lori is still here more than twelve months on. She still hurts real bad, but also has hope I guess. Anyway, I was pondering something completely different earlier & doodled this little thing that I’ve been using as a tag since I was twelve years old.


Have a look at Lori’s online tag at the end of her posts.
Hehe, please don’t freak out Lori, my sisters can certify me as safe and only slightly crazy 😉
As I’ve said before Lori, you’re a very special soul & you’ve helped me, even though you may not know that.


4 thoughts on “My Flux Capacitor Is In Overdrive

  1. aweeee so love this blog , but in a sence that we all have some familiaries in ous that can tie us to each other :o)


  2. Yes … he may look like a serial killer, but I promise he’s a kind and loving soul.

    I’m pretty sure that I have one of those squiggly faces in my autograph book, that you drew when you were fourteen years of age after you wrote “Hickory Dickory Dock, the mouse ran up the clock, the clock struck one and the other two escaped with minor injuries”. It still makes me giggle 😀


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