Buy This Property and I’ll Manage It

The ‘Middle Shop’ at Bloomfield is for sale. Half way between Ayton & Wujal Wujal, the Middle Shop provides groceries, meals, takeaways and fuel for locals, as well tourists travelling the Bloomfield track or visiting the falls. The property is on the banks of the Bloomfield River, with riverside camping available for an overnight or longer stay. There are hot showers and toilets, a beautiful bbq area down by the river, and a relaxing garden area to sit and have a yarn.
The owners have a number of purchase options ranging from a cash sale through to a ‘No money down’ lease/buy option. The asking price is $850k, which is below market value, but I’m sure they’d also be open to offers.
You can contact Peter & Rosie via email ( . I’ll get some photos up over the next couple of days.
Oh, and no, I won’t receive a commission if you buy this beautiful property. I’m just spreading the word. Anyone OS want a property in one of the most beautiful locations in Australia?


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