The Late Wet

I haven’t been able to get home for three days for various reasons. Either too tired, too late or too wet. It is Monday now, and it’s really wet.
Last night I camped at the middle shop so I could get an extra couple hours sleep in. If I could have gotten home it would have meant getting up at 2am to get to Wujal Wujal (so nice you say it twice). Even staying in Cooktown would have meant a 3:30 wake up. Anyway, I woke at 5am, had a Mother and headed for Wujal Wujal (so nice you say it twice). Billy goat (Olufsen) creek was up about 50cm and ripping through. The minibus has its air intake about 20cm from the ground and is too low and light to cross anything like that. So I was five minutes from my pick up point and a million miles away. I phoned the chief & let him know, and advised him that if I wasn’t back in town by 8, it’s because some other creek was up. And it was. The creek at Mt Louis station, at the base of the pass, had half a metre over it too. So I’m back at the Middle shop, taking advantage of their WiFi 🙂
Update midday.
Got back to Cooktown safely. However, I might have to go back to Wujal this arvo. Possibly Hopevale as well in half an hour.
I’ll post again tonight


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