Recovery Methods

Well, I had my moment. And it was beating me. So I jumped in the minibus, cranked up my music and went for drive. Earlier in the afternoon I went to the wharf, but didn’t have fishing tackle. I said a quixk hello to all the people down there fishing. Probably 15 or 20 people. I might have stayed, but decided to go home and have an early dinner.  I’m getting to know a lot of people from Wujal Wujal and Ayton now that I’m here semi-permanent. It feels good to have people say hi and know your name. I’m slowly learning everyones’ names. But you all know how crappy I am with names. My little sister Joycey who lives in Blackwater can back me up 😉
So, music cranked at about 8pm, I headed up the river and grabbed a coffee and some brain and soul food from the Middle Shop. I felt better. But didn’t want to go back to the campground. Haleys is nearly full this weekend. The other two safari tents are occupied, as well as a cabin I think. There is also an old bloke & his dog in a pop top caravan and 4wd, plus the four people who came in early this week. They’re well set up with tents and four wheel drives and a big shade/rain tarp. They light a good campfire every night.
Vut I wanted loud and solitude. I headed up to the bottom of the pass where I get my bottled water from and listened to Dark Side of the Moon, with the sound of the stream and Gap Creek in the background. It was really good for my spirit methinks. The little parking spot is just long enough for the bus. When you open the rear hatch door, your daytime view is looking through palms, vines and trees vertically down about 20 metres to where the stream from the mountain meets Gap Ck. At night you can’t see it, but you can hear the water tumbling down the rocks. Small phosphorescent creatures pulse their yellow-green beacons on the moist ground at the edge of the drop off down to the creek.
I soaked up the clean air and the good vibrations from the water & headed back as the Wish You Were Here album started on my playlist.
I also drove back slowly and took photos of the road with my phone mounted in its gps suction cup cradle mounting thing. I’ll take some daytime shots of the sections I missed and put an image heavy post up soon.
Back at the tent and having a cider now. Here’s a couple pics for you to check out


The creek crossing just before the dirt starts. This pic is taken from the swimming spot tucked away just downstream


It’s very pretty.
Here is where I fill my water bottles, and is taken from the little parking spot looking Northish towards the bitumen rise through the pass. It climbs about 300 metres over two and a half kilometres. I think its a ten percent grade most of the way.


The water comes straight off the mountain and tastes like rain.


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