Itchy Feet

No, not tinea. I need to get my own wheels again. I have places to go & people to see.
It’s a waiting game. Waiting for a notification that yes, I can look for one, or no, I’ll have to wait. It’s driving me nuts : /
I go to Cooktown on Wednesday, so I’m hoping for an email at least.
I have a few photos to share with you


The wharf on the Bloomfield River, looking towards the mouth.


In the centre of this photo, on the opposite bank, is a grey curved shape. That’s the resident bilgamul/crocodile in this part of the river. I’ll get a better photo one day. There is a bigger one that hangs around opposite the wharf too.




Floyd is growing bigger. Jack is still his hero, even though he has this ankle biting habit that annoys shit out of him.


A view on the beach,Tuesday morning about 10 o’clock.


This is the last photo I took of St Jimmy the 4WD. We’d put reflective stickers all over the tailgate and back window ages ago. You’d never lose the thing in the bush, or get hit up the rear at night.
Jimmy will be retired. He is full of rust, is mouldy, has a bad clutch, radiator & electrical system, and the suspension is cactus. Oh, but the motor still runs, even though it hasn’t had an oil change since March last year, when the head gasket blew and we repaired it with three bottles of chemiweld in the radiator. He needs to retire.


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