Labour Day Weekend

Saturday arvo (5th May) about five o’clock. Haleys is big with campers. Ten carloads at last count. Plus another safari tent occupied. I was kind of used to the mid-week quiet with the regular govt workers & the one group of holidayers that went fishing every day. Could be a loud night or weekend. I don’t mind though. It’s good to see people visiting this area. I brought Jack and Floyd down for the long weekend as I have nothing to do for three days and I want to spend a bit of time with them for a change. I’ve been missing my puppies. Jack seems to have a smile stuck on his face, and Floyd? Well, Floyd is just Floyd. Full of go with no stop button unless he’s asleep. He is also a bit of a watch dog by nature. If anyone or anything comes to close, he’s up and giving a muffled woof straight away. I need to teach him to temper that trait just a little. Not too much though. It’s a handy thing to have a fiesty pup when you’re by yourself.
So I’m sitting here, reflecting on the past week. It’s been a good week. If you recall the ‘Rocking Boat’ post, well, I need to say (because I don’t express myself well face to face), it was not meant in any way bad. But I guess it was pretty full on. It was something that came from my sometimes overly empathetic heart.
Empathy is overrated and generally gets me into trouble I’ve found.
I know that I’ve been seriously listening to the lyrics of songs that I previously haven’t. An extreme example would be Eric Claptons ‘Wonderful Tonight’. I’ve been listening to EC since the seventies, but honestly, I would either skip past this song, or if it was playing, not really *listen* to it. For the ignorant like me, I’ll transcribe it. It’s long, but it’s pretty cool in a seventies way.

‘It’s late in the evening, She’s wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on Her makeup, and brushes Her long *insert your favourite hair colour here* hair.
And then She asks me, Do I look alright? And I say yes, You look wonderful tonight.
We go to a party, and everyone turns to see, this beautiful lady, who’s walkin’ around with me.
And then She asks me, do you feel alright? And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight.
I feel wonderful, because I see the love light in Your eyes, and the wonder of it all, that You danced all through the the night, how much I love you.
It’s time to go home now, and I’ve got an aching head. So I give Her the car keys, and She helps me to bed. And then I tell her, as I turn out the light, I say My Darling, You were wonderful tonight.’

Very Clapton.

I’ve always been a Wendy Matthews fan. So much that my daughters name was partly influenced by Her ‘Lily’ album. If you have never heard of her, or that album, you really need to check it out. Wendy has an amazing way with song and lyrics. One of the many powerful tracks on this album set (try to get the double set, with the bonus CD), is ‘The Day You Went Away’. Now this is an album I’ve listened to for years and still go back to.

On Saturday night I headed to a mates place, but he wasn’t home. Figuring they’d be at ‘The Den’, I hung around and had a few beers, then fell asleep in the bus. Around midnight I woke up with no sign of anyone, so I headed home to bed.
About 3:30 in the morning I was woken by the sound of an old Jackeroo and someone whispering…the sort of whisper a drunk person does from five metres away when they’re trying to be quiet, but fail miserably. “Braaad”, “Braaadski”. It was my friends Jasmine & Lyndsay and their designated driver, Shannon. They’d driven down from Cooktown to say hi because they missed me 🙂 naaaw, they’re too sweet. So we went down to the beach and lit a fire & had an excellent sunrise Sunday.
Silly me left my phone at so no sunrise pics (but check the full moon below). At about 7am we headed up to the creek (freshwater no crocs) for a swim. They had to be home by ten, but we lost track of time & they didn’t leave til nearly ten. Oops. I hugged my sweet ladies and said au revoire. Damn it was good to see Jasmine & Lyndsay. I missed Jazz’s Birthday a few weeks back and felt really bad. But it was all good. We had fun this morning. I hope they all got home OK.

I went back to Haleys & crashed for most of the day, sleeping til about four thirty. The puppies have been really good. Floyd has a little bark, but only when the others campers dogs start. He’s still getting used to other human again. Otherwise he just lazes about like Jack. They both loved swimming in the creek, and Jack showed off his rock diving skills to everyone. Yep, Jack holds his breath and dives underwater for rocks. His record is just over 40 seconds.
Sunday night I rented ‘The Nugget’ from the Middle Shop, grabbed two bags of ice & headed down the beach. The bus has a DVD player for passengers, so I watched the Full Moon for a while, then started watching the movie. About half an hour in, the disc decided to play up. It had some decent scratches on it, so I didn’t end up seeing it all. Looks like a fun movie though.
I left the beach about 8:30pm and headed back to Haleys. It must have been a big day for the holiday makers. Most of them are in bed already.


I told Jasmine today, during one of the rare DM moments we had, that I have become really relaxed down here. I’ve had ample time to really think about me and what my place is in the grand scheme of things now that I am one.
I don’t recal if I mentioned it, but I really would move down here.
I have already had an offer of a room in a really funky handbuilt house way out the back bordering the rainforest. I’ve accepted the offer pending a few other things happening. So I may not move in before July. But then, I really, really want my own space. A place that is essentially ‘my space’. It’s been nearly nine months since we had to leave Walker Bay beach, the last place that was our own space. I need my alone time to get my head around being ‘alone’. Not lonely, just not having that someone with you that you can talk with about stuff. I crave good conversation sometimes, probably because I like to make the most of my time with people I like. When I’m by myself, I think carefully about those yarns and learn from them. In the past couple of weeks, through conversation, I’ve learned some bama language and stories. I’ve learned some local history. The owner of Haleys taught me some golfing theory, even though I don’t play golf, It’ll be handy information one day. I’ve picked up some education on the ‘vampire’ genre in books. And I’ve been turned on to some different movies, & a soundtrack from a movie called ‘Juno’. The soundtrack is just effing incredible! I must see this movie.
It’s 21:40 (9:40pm) and Floyd is snoring like an old man with a sleep disorder. He has always been a grunter, but as he grows, his snoring gets louder. He’s a funny dog. His body is in proportion, but his legs are short. And he only has one testicle. But he’s clever. And loyal. But he grunts and snores and groans and moans when he’s asleep. Like talking in his sleep. The tripper 🙂
Very quiet. Spent most of the morning at the beach and the swimming spot just doing nothing other than throwing a stick for Jack. Then I came back to the camp and spent the arvo doing nothing at all. Around five thirty I threw a line in down at the boat ramp. By the action happening across the river, I figured all the fish were over there, so I gave up pretty quickly. Then I took the dogs down to the beach again for a run and headed back to Haleys. I’m having a very slow night tonight. 


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