They Weren’t There

I’m going to have to stop blogging song lyrics. It’s probably boring for you folk.
However…this Missy Higgins song was the one that Tina said reminded her of our first night together.

‘You breathed infinity into my world, and time was lost up in a cloud & in a whirl.
We dug a hole in the cool grey earth and lay there, for the night.
And you said, “Wait for me, we’ll fly the wind, we’ll grow old you’ll grow stronger without him”. But oh now, my world is your feet. I was lost & I was found, but I was alive, and now I’ve drowned.
Now I will, be waiting for the world to hear my song, and they can tell me I was wrong.
But they weren’t there beneath your stare, and they weren’t stripped til they were bare, of any bindings from the world outside that room. And they weren’t taken by the hand, and led through fields of naked land, where any preconceived ideas were blown away.
I couldn’t say no.
You sighed & I was lost in you, weeks could have passed for all I knew. You were the blanket of the overworld, so I couldn’t say, I wouldn’t say no.
They all said, “you’re too young too even know, don’t let it grow and you’ll be stronger without him”.
…But they weren’t there beneath your stare…
Missy Higgins – They Weren’t There


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