Another Weekend Roadtripping

Aaargh! I am getting a liking for watching a DVD while I’m at the beach with the dogs, & I don’t like it. It distracts me from exercise. Like in exercise as in exploring some of the old bama and waybala trails around here. Or checking out the old sugar mill site. Or checking out the possible free car that a mate told me about. But this is how Bloomfield time works. Much slower even than Cooktown. On Sunday I avoided alcohol and DVDs altogether and spent much of the day reading ‘Pompeii’, by Robert Harris. Most of the day was spent up at the creek, yarning with some friends and letting Jack the Dog dive for rocks. Floyd needs to be shown that chasing Jack and biting at his legs will get him hurt. My rock aim is still good, so I hit him fair on the arse with a river pebble today. He didn’t know where it came from, so ran back to me for protection. Later on, he snuck off on walkabout without me noticing. Next, I hear a car horn beeping as it approached the bridge. I looked across and saw Floyd flash across the bridge at about forty kilometres an hour, closely followed by a mazda hatchback. He’s fast on those legs. Faster than Jack is now. He also stalks like a cattle dog when I’m about to throw the stick for Jack (I think I’m repeating myself). After that I locked him in the van.
The local music is growing on me.
I bought a double CD of the ‘Roadtrippers’, a local band. There music is kinda country, but in a new wave hillbilly, bluesy way. Their alter egos, the ‘Toadrippers’ are very cool. This is real shed punk, with many of the tracks recorded in a tin shed in Cooktown. So I listened to both CDs last night while at my probable new place, and now I’m listening while the waves break on the beach. It’s a pretty laid back day.


I hope you can read the cover notes in that pic. It will give you an idea of how varied their style is.
It’s the kind of stuff you would want to hear in a Far North Queensland hotel/pub.
Don’t expect polish on either of these discs. This is raw, lush and casual. Like the country from which it comes. Many of the tracks are very localcentric. For example, ‘Black Mountain’ warns us never to climb the boulders alone, or stoned. ‘I Love The North’ sings of the beauty of up here.
The Toadrippers tear it up with their ‘Nicotine’. A tale of the most addictive drug known.
The second track, ‘Prehistoric Monsters’ is a raw, thumping, out of tune punk warning about the monsters the lurk in the bush and rivers up here. ‘Don’t go fishing in your canoe, or that maneater’s gonna eat you’ may or may not be reference to the southern tourist who made a game of feeding the crocs from his canoe for three weeks, then got taken by one.
Anyway, it’s a pretty cool double disc. And for $20 plus postage, worth buying. The album set is called ‘Roadtrippers – Open Country’ and all info is at

Seeing as it is Sunday now, Happy Mothers Day to all you mums, especially my daughter Sarah. To all of you kids (V,A,S,L,L,K), this is the first one. Then comes the end of the month. I love you and miss you. And Happy Mothers Day Therese 🙂

A quick bedtime anecdote. A couple of bama friends that came up to the creek were looking at the opposite bank of the freshwater creek today. On that side it is steep and claylike. There were two smoothed section, with what looked like claw marks in the clay surface. Two of them were discussing whether bilgamul might come this far up. Layer on I realised that the ‘crocodile slides’ were indeed slides. But they were made by kids. Probably on Saturday. I’ll have to clean the rubbish up at that spot. Someone has left the remains of a family picnic strewn all over the sandbank. Someone had also crapped at the base of one of the trees & didn’t bother to cover it. I buried it under a big mound of coarse sand, entombing an unknown number of blowflies as well. Gross.


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