Defining Remote

Well, they’re usually black, somewhat rectangular, or sometimes uncomfortably phallus shaped, only flatter, with a plethora of confusing soft buttons. Oh, sorry. I had a tangental thought based on the title of this post and just went with it for a bit.

I was considering how ‘remote’ this group of communities is in real terms. I mean, we’re not remote in terms of like, Daly Waters, or Tennant Creek. But in of accessibility, up until about ten years ago, it was a challenge to get in or out of these villages. Especially during the Wet Season, when more often than not, everyone would be isolated due to flooding, tree falls and landslides. In a 40km radius of here, taking in Helenvale, Shiptons Flat, Rossville, Ayton, Bloomfield, Wujal Wujal & Degarra, there might be, on the outside, 1000 people. We are about 70km from Cooktown via a pretty crappy excuse for a road that was originally a power line maintenance trail. Wujal Wujal is about 10km further on from Ayton, with Bloomfield in the middle. Even in its best Council patched condition, it takes over an hour to get to Cookie. It takes about the same time to reach Cape Tribulation in the south via the Bloomfield Track.
Wujal Wujal has Telstra only mobile reception. As does Ayton, but only at the wharf (the closest line of sight to the tower).
Now, we’re not remote by any means. But then, we’re not exactly in suburbia either. Our population is spread through the mountains, valleys & lowlands between the Lions Den & here, as well as along the North and South banks of the Bloomfield River. Not Appalachian, but we’re close enough 😉
Water is bore, rainwater, mountain stream, or some combination of the three. Most places are on the power grid, or solar, and have a generator out of necessity. The wet season can mean extended periods of cloud, as well as tree falls on power lines up in the mountains. It’s not unusual to lose mains power for extended periods during the wet.
However, given all those ‘inconveniences’, this area is still too beautiful to adequately describe. Probably because of its remoteness, and also some forty thousand years of sustainable management by the traditional owners.


One thought on “Defining Remote

  1. Hi man….

    best places are those the hardest walked to…….

    I sure miss my outdoor wandering days…..

    stay well my friend…

    sorry for absence…comp crapped out on me…


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