I Purchased a CD

Seriously! I mean, back in the day, I would have just pulled my music off the net with bittorrent … Well actually, I have *never* recreated my old cassette and CD collection through torrents. And if you don’t know what I mean, that’s OK.
I would give you a basic description of what a torrent network is, but I try not to geek too much these days unless someone asks. Check it out on Wikipedia for a full explanation.
I want to talk about the physical CD I purchased. With money. It is the TripleJ Hottest 100, Volume 19. A compilation of 42 of the Hottest 100 tracks of 2011, as voted for by the listeners of TripleJ radio in Australia & worldwide.  Nearly 1.4 million votes were registered in last years H100.
I’m contemplating which of the two discs to listen to. If I listen to disc One, then I’ll have to skip the first track. Congratulations on winning 2011 Hottest 100 Gotye (& Kimbra), but I can only listen to so much of ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’. Even the title is hard to type. I wanted to type ‘Somebody…’. But then some people may not yet know of you. I doubt it though. Your song was everywhere except on REBEL Radio.
There is a good mix of music on this double CD set. The Black Keys follow up the Gotye track with ‘Lonely Boy’. Amongst the talent on the first disc are 360, Radiohead, Stonefield, Jebediah and Hilltop Hoods (featuring Sia). CD 2 is as good, with Flo’ & The Machine, Drapht, Boy & Bear, and Bluejuice amongst the artists on that disc.
I reckon the standout track for very trippy is ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’ by Skrillex. Bizarre in a good way. But then Ball Park Music are good in a completely different vibe right after.
The music (quoted from the cover notes) ranges through ‘…blues to dubstep, pop to hip-hop, folk to rock n roll…’
Buy this double album and turn the volume up on a Friday night. Well worth the money. And your neighbours will think you’re hip 😉


One thought on “I Purchased a CD

  1. hi brad..

    lol…last music I bought was columbia club cassette deal…. I got 20 for $2.00 and never saw a bill….lol

    hope you’re well old man…. take care..love ya man,.


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