The Cassowary (Kurranji) Song

Pronounced gurrrunji (gu as in good, roll the r and end with oongee).
The Roadtrippers sing this song, on their 2007, ‘100 Smokes to Kununurra’ album.
100 smokes is a wild mix of FNQ style local country, blues, hillbilly & garage rock.
The track list is pretty cool, with songs like Bruce HWY (I know every little town on the Bruce HWY, and every little town has something to sell me)
‘Down and Out in Cairns’ tells of the tribulations (‘scuse the pun) encountered by pilgrims to the Far North with the hook, ‘Another Southern dream becomes a tropical nightmare’.
‘Happy Song’ is a trip…’ this is not a love song, this is just a happy song, a happy song…’
One of my favourite tracks, besides the hard rockin’ blues title track, ‘100 Smokes to Kununurra’, is The Cassowary Song:
I once ran over a turtle on the crossing at Kununurra. I think its death was painless cause I hit it with both wheels. And down at Douglas Hot Springs, I crashed my bike on a King Brown. I’m still going to Heaven, but you’re gunna burn, because there’s still some sins that God won’t forget, and sleeping dogs won’t lay over, because you killed that Cassowary, in your Toyota’.
Now, for you southern & overseas folk, you may not grasp the joke. You see, up this way, from Mission Beach to Cooktown, there are Cassowary warning signs. Pamphlets and notices warn us all to slow down for Cassowarys. They have less road sense than an emu, and they are considered an endangered species as well. The Cassowary awareness campaign is that extreme, that the road into and through Cape Tribulation has speed bumps, and a 40 km/h speed limit. So fuck yeah buddy. You hit a Cassowary and you’re gunna burn 🙂
I rate this album a big five stars (or Jellybeans as Lori would say). I bought this CD from the Lions Den on Friday arvo and have listened to it at least ten times now, and it’s not yet lunchtime.
But I’ve taken a break since midday. Norm has a DVD of Neil Youngs ‘Heart of Gold’ documentary music video. So we’re watching that again on the DVD player in the bus. It’s brilliant! He played this concert a week before he had surgery to treat an aneurism (sp?). The surgery had been scheduled. Neil Young is still very cool in my opinion. I’ve been listening to him since the ‘McGuinn,Clark, Hillman & Young’ days. This movie documents the release of his ‘Prairie Wind’ album, and the worldwide debut concert in Nashville. Something different, but also nostalgic for me. Neil also plays a lot of his seventies stuff. For example, ‘Old Man’ & ‘Needle and the Damage Done’. And of course, ‘Heart of Gold’.


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