A Strange Day

I have a confession. My last post, about Tina, was written on Tuesday night. I was really feeling it then and needed to spill it out. So this post is about the things that happened today, the real 30th of May.
I had to go to Cooktown today and a couple of things happened. On the way in, a whistling kite was hovering above the road, at about windscreen height. It rose as I approached, but strangely, there was no roadkill where it was hovering. It also appeared just as I was thinking about Her. About thirty minutes later I was thinking about Her again, and as I came over a rise, a Wedge-tailed Eagle was circling above the road. In town,as I was doing the Facebook thing while sitting on the back steps of the office, I looked up into the sky and four eagles were riding the currents so high, that they almost disappeared.
I didn’t phone all the kids as I had planned because I wouldn’t have been able to handle the emotion. But I love you kids. All of you. I just ain’t very strong at the moment. I’m getting there. But in June/July, we’re all gunna be emotional again … together.
Today was a heavy day.
(Does anyone need the significance of the eagles explained? Comment if you do).

And I really miss Her more than sunshine. I could live in an overcast world if She was with me. She was my Sunshine. My reason. My motivation.


One thought on “A Strange Day

  1. do whatever you do for her..if you ask yourself (“would tina approve..?) you’ll never steer wrong man……

    be well…bob.”


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