In a Decision Making Dilemna

*Please bear/bare (damned ambiguous grammar) with my initial whine. I promise you a divergent, entertaining read.*
I really can’t think of anything more annoying, purely in terms of work hours, than working at the Cooktown airport. Three flights Monday & Friday, spaced between 6:30am (06:30) and 5:30pm (17:30). Tuesday thru Thursday is the morning and afternoon flights. I’m not sure about the weekend schedule other than Sunday being the only flight-free day. This means being up at sparrow fart to get to the airport, and getting home after sunset in the Winter months. And honestly, you really have to love aeroplanes, and have a friendly nature towards people. After all, I will potentially be the first experience some people have of the ‘locals’. Yeah ok,I’m naturally friendly. It’s a condition I have. I can handle that. The bus run hours are similar to the airport in that they are split, plus the transfer days. I like people and it’d be fun to say g’day to new tourists, and regular commuters. But the location? I dunno. I guess some people would pay for the opportunity to do the job. Especially because of the location. However, I like it down here in Bloomfield. I guess I could buy a crabpot or two & throw them in the Endeavour River, just next to the airport, in the morning or arvo & get a feed every day. But I can do that here too, on the beautiful Bloomfield, with better chances. I could also spin a lure between flights & snag a barra or big Mangrove Jack for dinner down at the boat ramp. But yep, I could do that here too. In Cooktown I would have 24/7 Interwebs access. But we were talking about getting satellite broadband under the remote access thing. $50 a month for 20gig of traffic at 6mbps down & 1 up, if I remember the blurb correctly, installation included.
The thing is, now that my mate George is healthy again, he’ll have the work here covered. The airport may be my only option in terms of a job. But I’ve told them that I will be unavailable for three weeks or so around the June School holidays, meaning I won’t start anything until July sometime.
In the end I just don’t want to leave this place. This area and this block. Here are some pics of the laundry/bath/toilet shed & the house. The view from the toilet is nice 🙂


Looking from the stone steps to the ‘wet shed’. That ‘door’ is actually a wall, angled around about 45 degrees. It provides complete privacy on this side for the toilet and shower.


This is another view of the wall. You can just see the laundry tub.


From the other side. The toilet is open for the view. The shower is bamboo and shade-cloth screened to stop the breeze. Privacy and brilliant ventilation!


A view of the house from the corner of the wet shed. The windows are where my room is.


Looking up the stone steps towards the bar, courtyard and kitchen. To the right, behind that post and tree trunk,on the other side of the courtyard is my room. The main entrance shown below is on the left of this photo.


Looking into the Eastern entrance through to the two living areas and beyond to Norms room. Norms is the main bedroom & is on a raised timber floor.


This is the fatso potbelly in between the two living areas.
Nice hey?

(Monday 4 June)
I had no passengers for Cooktown this morning, so I took the opportunity to take a walk up the hill/mountain behind the house. A mate told me there was a housepad with mountain and ocean views up there. Well., give me another reason not to want to leave! About a hundred metres up the hill there is indeed a large cutting into the side of the hill for a house site. The views? To the North there are clear views of Mt Louis and the mountain pass. To the North-East and East, Mt Annie, Rattlesnake Point and across the old plantation flats to Weary Bay. The sunrise from that spot would be just beautiful. I might get up early Tuesday, spray on some Bushman bug repellent and head up there & take some photos. You know how I liked the other place up near Cooktown, well this place may only have a half dozen fruit trees, but it is just amazing. Actually, there is enough timber & iron up the hill at the house site to easily build a three sided shed to sit in and enjoy the view with a beer or three (& at around 4:20 4 Twisty and Mike & those who know what time it is). We are 4 km from the main road, and the ocean is about six as the crow flies East. So, we’re isolated, secluded, but only ten minutes from a small grocery store, and about the same from a croc safe freshwater creek, the beach, and a fishing wharf on the Bloomfield River. We’re also a 30 minute odd boat ride, or six hour walk from Cedar Bay. Is it any wonder that I really, really don’t want to have to move back to Cooktown? And the sunbirds are hanging around again. And the dogs are settled and happy. And I’m feeling pretty good in myself too. And I like the people here. Not that I don’t love my Cooktown ‘family’, it’s just that this country is more my speed. God knows how I’ll cope in Rocky at the end of the month. It’s gunna be busy, and cold I reckon. I have been putting in the odd lotto entry lately, just in case I can snag a win. Even 2nd division would be good. I’ve had to revise my budget for the next month due to to a couple of things. I won’t be getting a laptop or DSLR any time soon. I’ll be using that money for more important things. Like seeing my kids and family down South.

*Monday arvo*
I’m listening to some different music, provided by a friend. Mumford & Sons (I know them from a few years back) ‘Sigh No More’, Ed Sheerans ‘+’ album (different), and someone new to me, Rebecca Ferguson. This is cool. One of her tracks gives me visions of rolling meadows in Ireland. Another couple of songs, ‘Fairytale’,  ‘Mr. Bright Eyes’ & ‘Fighting Suspicions’ sound very ’70s Motown. The standout track has to be ‘Teach Me How to be Loved’, a beautiful track, sung with pleading honesty. Rebecca F and Joss Stone have similar styles; R&B, Soul, but Rebecca throws in some very laid back wildcards. I cancelled my fishing trip and decided to chill to the music & catch the full moon rising from home. It’s right on 10pm, the moon is high, I’m now listening to my second loop of my playlist with my all time favourite album, Pink Floyds ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ & my 2nd favourite, ‘Wish You Were Here’. Big hugs to you all on this excellent full moon evening.
This post was written at the same time as the post titled ‘A Crab in a Bucket’. Please read it next (like *now*) if you have the time or patience.


One thought on “In a Decision Making Dilemna

  1. The old housepad sounds like a lovely spot to enjoy some cold beverages (etc.) with friends G… maybe come down long enough to do a spot of fishing though.

    Can’t say that I’d be looking terribly forward to leaving such a beautiful spot either.



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