Self Analysing

I decided to self-analyse and thought to myself, could I be brave enough to actually try to do the thing psychologists & self improvement gurus push; ‘sell yourself’ and stuff. You know, like all those self improvement books espouse. But I’m more reserved. I learnt a long time ago that listening to others teaches you more. However, I can talk the ear off a cornstalk when I get on a roll.
But when I thought about writing this, I was thinking more along the lines of this:
I would never disrespect you
I would never belittle you
I would never try to own you
I would never doubt you
I would wrap you in my arms and protect you
I would watch you fly
I will look into your eyes
I will melt a little when you smile and your eyes sparkle
I will dance inside when you laugh
I would cry with you
I might even learn to dance
But I will never, ever betray our friendship
At least, I think that’s what I wanted to say.
Oh, one more thing, this is ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’. Hunters & Collectors did the original. Paul McDermont did a live version that, to put it politely, craps all over the original. Search for it on YouTube.
These lyrics are on the one hand steamily romantic, but on the other could be construed as the diary of a stalker. I prefer the former description…

I will come for you at nighttime,
And I will raise you from your sleep. I will kiss you in four places,
As I go running along your street.
I will squeeze the life out of you,
You will make me laugh and make me cry. And we may never forget it, you will make me call your name, and I’ll shout it to the blue summer sky.
And we may never meet again, so shed your skin and lets get started, and you will throw your arms around me, yeah, you will throw your arms around me.
I dreamed of you at nighttime, and I watched you in your sleep. I met you in high places. I kissed your head and kissed your feet. So if you disappear out of view, you know I will never say goodbye. And though I will try to forget it, you’ll make me say your name, and I’ll shout it to the blue summer sky.

Wow, I’m getting all deep n stuff tonight. Might as well go with the flow.
Here is a shameful confession. I never remember family birthdays. Well not all. I *rarely* remember. But this year I missed my beautiful eldest daughters birthday. And I know I’ve missed at least four others this year. I need to buy a calendar and Nikko in all the birthdays. I have roughly 25 birthdays I need to remember. But missing my childrens’ birthdays is baaad. 😦
I will improve on that. My headspace is getting better.
Ooooh! Ooooh! The Middle Shop store owner & I helped two tourists get their first view of a crocodile today! We were like, ambassadors for Bloomfield 🙂 . The couple commented that they hadn’t seen a croc on their journey up from Cairns while I was in there buying a pie. They were still at the shop when I left, and when I got to the river I spotted a little croc. So I pulled up & phoned the shop on my work phone (Telstra) and told the shop owner, who raced out as the tourists were leaving and told them I would wait for them where the bilgamul was. I love seeing tourists reactions to stuff up here. I forget sometimes that I live in a pretty special part of the world. I am very, very lucky. I’m even luckier in that I got to share some this magic with my best friend last year. You know, if you allow this place to embrace you by approaching it gently, it will wrap you up in its magic and you will never forget it. You might even stay. It caught me thirty years ago, as a teenager. I thought of coming ‘home’ at least once a week, usually more over those years. I would often talk (rave) about this country to my long suffering family and friends. I want to live here because this is the only place that I’ve lived (so far) that I feel really comfortable in.
Anyways, it’s late. I need to sleep.

(Hey Wingman, that person is pretty special…but I guess, another time, another place…siiigh. Oh shit. People are still reading this post and I don’t know how to put a strikethrough in a paragraph. Everybody, pretend you didn’t read that.)
And with that, I shall stop acting like a teenager.
Change of subject.
Look what I’m sitting in front of:


Door open and door closed. Toasty warm.


G’night now 😉 I’m climbing into bed while I’m still warm. Must be 15C by now (double 😉 😉 I know I live in paradise).


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