A Long Amazing Weekend

It was supposed to be the weekend where I caught up with my friends in Cooktown, and grabbed some of my stuff. But driving commitments had me here until Saturday arvo. Then I headed towards Cooktown to enjoy some of the Discovery Festival, but got caught at the Lions Den. Main reason being is that I had a beer, then found out the bulliman (the Police) still had their booze bus set up at Mungumby Creek, between the Den and Cooktown. So there I stayed. Commercial vehicle = 0.0% BAC. Serendipitously, The Hillbily Goats, The Roadtrippers, and Johnos Blues Band from Cairns were playing that night. The crowd was a great mix of locals, tourists & new friends to meet.





I crashed a little after midnight, when the bands finished and the crowd headed off to bed or wherever.
Norm and I headed home about 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning. During the night, we had been talking to friends and got invited to a barbie Sunday arvo. Our friends have a place on a hill and had invited a few people over.
Norm & I arrived about 5’ish with a vegetarian Green curry that I had slapped together, and a few beers. 
Getting up the hill to the house was a challenge, but the reward at the top is this view from the house (bugger! I didn’t show you the house…next time).


We had a night of great food and excellent conversation with some very cool people. People that are like rainbows. Beautiful, with lots of colour and all with individual stories to tell. I haven’t had such a comfortable, relaxing night in ages. Four of us ended up in a ‘puppy pile’ on a huge semi-circular couch. We discussed love, relationships, the challenges women and men face individually when single or in relationships. We discussed lots of cosmic stuff over the hours. The night for me was very special, & I’ve bottled a lot of it, so I can taste the night again. We all crashed about 2:30am, but I think I only splet an hour. I kept waking, then dozing off. When I saw the first, faint glow of dawn, I just lay there, listening for the first birdsong to greet the new day. I must have been laying there for an hour or so when my phone, on a table amongst other sleeping people about six metres away, decided to inform us all it was 06:10 with a Stephen Marley reggae track. I leapt up and switched it off, then figured I was up anyway so I wrapped a sleeping bag around me, and watched a most beautiful sunrise (Norm had this view from his lounge bed as well).


This phone camera can’t capture how rich these dawn colours really were.
Some people woke up for little while to watch the colours, then crawled back into their beds and under warm blankets. I soaked up the sunrise and watched as the light began to bathe Mt Louis in Orange, feeling better inside than I have for a long time.



The rainbows began to rise again about 7’ish, and I shared some time and talked quietly with a beautiful sunbeam. We talked about the beauty of this place, of birds, of happiness & sadness. We talked of our pasts.  We smiled. We spoke of our love of the peace and beauty that we are so fortunate to experience in this little part of the world.
I drank her warmth and wanted to hold her. Wrap her in my arms and stay there in that morning. I wanted to say, Don’t be scared. I give my self to you with no conditions. No expectations. I already take some of you, each time I look into your eyes. I want you to draw strength from me. Strength to become happy. Clare Bowditch has a song, ‘A You Ready Yet’, with the lyrics ‘Are you ready yet, to be happy?’ I carry that tune with me, and think of it at times when I need it.
You were like the sunrise this morning. The way your eyes sparkled, and your smile warmed me and all around you. I watched you as you talked. Your lips. Your perfect teeth. I listened and heard your heart. I didn’t want to leave & didn’t want you to have to go. I wanted as much of you as I could get today.
The rest of my day was spent lost in thoughts and visions of you.
This story hasn’t finished yet. I have more to write because I am falling into you…but I wanted to get this post up.
You had me in that first ever 30 minute conversation we had. When you want or need me, I will be here. 0468922526


2 thoughts on “A Long Amazing Weekend

  1. lol….isn’t that the way…got boses car and cops all over…smart move to un and hide…lol

    and bands…WTF, why not man….sounds like a good night..

    hopefully some how 1 day I will one of those “tourists” that you meet…

    be well old man…. miss you..


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