Of Respect and Cars

Thankyou. I know it may sound strange. But thank you for trusting me into a little part of your world on Friday night.

And on a completely different subject…I have a car! Nearly. I mean I own it, but it’s in Cairns. My mate, the ‘boss’ found it for me. It’s a lite-Ace van. 4 cyl auto petrol. Not the normal combo of engine/gearbox I would like, but read on. New alternator, new water pump. Aluminium roo bar (nothing stops a bull), towbar, good interior, but, “it’s got a shitty paint job. Buy some cans of spraypaint”, as ‘the boss’ said.
I won’t divulge how much I paid for it. Well OK. My mate paid the same price for a tyre today. I’ll be getting a permit to drive it home, then I’ll register it (remote area rego doesn’t require a roadworthy). So, I *should* be mobile by the end of next week, if the one letter I’m waiting on comes through.
Roadtrip to Rockhampton in a bongo bus. Expect it to be covered in flowers if Jasmine, Lyndsay & Emma get to it. But hey, the Middle Shop has wheely bin stickers that I could cut up and stick on too! Fishies, flowers, seagulls. How groovy!
I have been feeling really good these past few days, feeling more ‘me’ than I have for some time. I think it’s a combination of a few things, but yeah, I’m OK.

Had a good day, and an interesting evening. I feel good. Tomorrow will be very interesting. We’re heading up to Plantation tomorrow to do some fishing and check out the monster croc up there. I’ll whack a up a post about it if we come back alive.


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