Stuff-Random Stuff

Warning. This post contains rude bits. I talk about sex n stuff. If that offends or embarrasses you, you probably shouldn’t read too much further. I’ll warn you when the ‘rude’ bits are coming.
It also contains some pretty raw emotions that I’m not going to hide.

Life can be short. Embrace it and revel in it.
I cry over sad movies. OK, sometimes I nearly cry in the sad bits of so-called ‘Comedies’.
I think Blue Ulysses butterflies and Yellow-breasted Sunbirds are two of the most beautiful things on the planet.
I like the idea of having a python live in my roof.
I don’t think Adam Sandler is funny.
When people use the terms ‘abo’ or ‘coon’, I feel a little sorry for them, because they have exposed their ignorance & lack of real intelligence. I used to just feel embarrassed.
I still drive fast when I’m not working and I’m alone. Real fast.
I give good, sensual massage.
When I was driving the school bus, the kids favourite songs were ‘Down Under’ and ‘Three Little Birds’. I made a playlist especially for the kids and we’d all sing on the way to and from school. It makes for a good day when you hear kids singing and laughing.
I am going to apply for a 12 month Teacher-Aide position at the local primary school. I reckon I could learn a lot at that school.
I am a fricking hopeless fish catcher. Don’t even consider calling me a fisherman.
I really like Clare Bowditch, Flo’, Kate Bush and Sia.
I like Bliss n Eso too.
And blues.
And bluegrass in moderation.
And just about any acoustic guitar work.

*Sex type stuff ahead*

I get more turned on giving oral sex than receiving it. Well, turning my partner on is what turns me on.
The most offensive thing I’ve ever heard gossiped about me was, “She’s not even cold and he’s already fucking someone else.” I wasn’t, and they still don’t know that I know what they said. Because they’re simple-minded folk who couldn’t distiguish a close friendship from a sexual relationship.
You think your chances of finding ‘The One’ are hard? One of my closest mates is gay, indigenous, & lives in a remote community. So, no. *Your* chances of finding your soulmate are pretty damned good, comparitively speaking, so stop bitching.
I think the ‘C’ word is very tacky. Except when your spanner slips on a nut and your knuckles get smashed. Then it’s OK to use the extended word, ‘Cunnuvathing’.
Two men kissing in a movie scene makes me uncomfortable. Seeing two men kissing on the street doesn’t concern me at all.
I think Missy Higgins is beautiful.
Coopers Brewery is celebrating it’s 150th birthday.
A quick fuck? I guess if premature ejaculation is your thing…
Candles, massage oil and a few hours (or a night) to spare? That’s more my speed.
I live in the best community on the planet. Well, I reckon it is.
I know what love is. Suck eggs whoever you are that sings that song that goes, “I wanna know what love is…”
I don’t care what anyone says, I reckon sex is *better* than a Coke Spider (get a big glass, 3/4 fill with coke and drop in a scoop or two of vanilla icecream).
I make the best savoury breakfast soufflé omelettes that you will ever experience. Seriously.
Yes, I can cook. And wash clothes. And dishes. I’m also handy with a spanner, and a computer. I can fix a leaky tap, or rebuild your engine. FIGJAM. At least for now anyway. Like a legend in my own lunch box.

04:00 am. G’night all. Now that I’ve got that stuff out of my head I can sleep.


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