Move On

When you said, “You should move on to someone else,”  did you know that those words are the only ones that hurt. You are the person I want. There is no ‘someone else’. My attraction to you is not as shallow as that. I have not spent the last two months getting to know you because I want to get into your pants. I wanted your friendship. And I remember what you said to me the first time, that you had no interest in a relationship. I was happy with that.
But as we have gotten to know each other more, my feelings have grown stronger. I know you feel more for me too, because you’ve said it. But you’ve also told me how difficult it is for you, in your situation, so I will back off. I don’t want to back off, because I think you are a very special, beautiful person, and I want to spend more time with you. You have helped me to realise that I can still feel. As in feel love. Honest love. I know I could get hurt, but I know life is far to short to avoid happiness because of a fear of the unknown.
I still don’t think it’s me that you’re worried about hurting. I think it’s you that’s scared of getting hurt. You figure if you don’t let me close, you can’t get hurt. I understand that falling for you now is probably one of my best cases of bad timing I’ve ever had, but it happened. I can’t help that.
Rosie, I’ve given you my word that I would never hurt you.  If you want me, I’m here, and I’m easy to find (and you have my number).
And besides all that, you are my friend first and foremost, and I won’t abandon that. I love you, and I think I’m old enough and wise enough to know that feeling over infatuation.
I write to you, or about you anymore here. Just know that you are in my heart, and my arms are open to hold and protect you if you can ever trust me to do that.


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