Coen Revisited

Like, I am here again.
I was supposed to do Wujal Wujal transfers, then spend a night with The Girls in Cooktown, before jumping on the bus to Cairns Saturday morning. But as happens when plans are made, things change. The other standby driver had stuff on for the weekend, so I got the Coen gig for today. No real notice of course. I phoned at 8:30 this morning and heard the news. So,after going home, showering and packing for Rockhampton, I headed off about 10am. Six and a half hours later, after fuelling in Cooktown & picking up passengers at Cookie & Lakeland Downs, I am here, with a Coopers Sparkling Ale in my hand (I brought my own because on Monday evening the barmaid told me they had nothing that flash in the pub and wanted $24 for a six pack of VB).
I would go for a walk & take some photos, but I just don’t feel like it really. Maybe another day.
It is a beautiful, almost warm (by our standards) afternoon and I’m expecting a stunning sunset.
This is the camping area behind the Exchange Hotel. $5 a head.


I figure I’ve now got about a 1600km drive to Rocky tomorrow. I should get there about 24 hours after I leave here, putting me in Rocky sometime Sunday morning.

*6:00pm (18:00)*
The temperature has dropped about 5 degrees C in the past half hour. I reckon it will be a bitterly cold night up here in Cape York tonight. If I find a thermometer I’ll give you the skinny on the temps.
It is beautiful Friday evening, so I think I might grab a counter meal and try and stomach a non-Coopers beer (bugger).

Up and about. Yes, it’s cold…


Coen Post Office.

If my passengers aren’t here at 7am, I’m gone. They were supposed to be here by 6:30am. I have two to pick up at Hann River for Cairns, and I want to get moving.
Passenger were a no show, so off we go.


The old Musgrave telegraph station



‘The Farm Car’ at Hann River Roadhouse. Goes like a train!

We got to Cairns airport by 2:45pm and dropped one passenger off, then continued into town, dropped my last passenger off and headed to pick up the ‘Silver Bullet’, the Commodore my mate loaned me.
Got away from Cairns late in the arvo & was in Townsville, was fed and ready for a snooze by 9:00pm.

Awake. Caffeine. Added to this post. Now I’m contemplating the drive ahead. Should be quiet on the road now, making for a good drive.

Still sipping coffee. I’ll probably keep going for a couple of hours, then sleep somewhere again. I’ll see how my head goes.


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