The Roadtrip Continues

So what was it? 2am? Out of Townsville somewhere.
Well, it’s now 09:30pm on Tuesday night (the 26th of June). 
So much really *good* stuff has happened in the past three days. A little closure (well, a lot really), a spiritual acknowledgment that She is around (I will elaborate), some really nice time spent with my eldest girl, spending time with my other chilluns & grand child Ella, Sarah, Vicksta (my Vicki), & Willie n Tegan, picked up my Lite-Ace (wow), and most importantly, my Grommety Lill is up here for two weeks or so. She is asleep. She managed about 3 hours sleep between Rocky and Cairns. But then, during our longest break, 3 hours at Bluewater campground,She Facebooked while I slept.
So,  getting back to 2 o’clock Sunday morning 24th, after 2am, dog tiredness won. I pulled up South of Bowen I think. Then I headed to Carmilla and fueled up. The VR Commodore averaged 9 litres per hundred kilometres on the highway. And listen to this for a bullshit bad luck story. But it’s true. I was down South of Carmilla, in the dollar ten zone (110kmh), For the entire trip from Cairns I didn’t go over 107 in the 100 zones, and 115 in the 110. Most of the time I sat on the limit, using my phone (you know, my Garmin Asus A50 nüvifone that runs on Android, has a camera, full internet & wifi, Bluetooth, plus a fully functional GPS navigation system (with maps) built in, that I paid just $200 for nearly two years ago). Except for one long straight stretch. I had passed some slow traffic earlier without breaking 110. Anyway,I crept up to a dollar twenty, which is comfortable for me, but ten kay over the limit. Anyway, along the straight comes a trailer (a prime mover pulling a single trailer), followed by a line of traffic. About two minutes later, I’m back to a dollar fifteen, and this unmarked car comes roaring up through the emptiness behind me, blue and red lights on the dash, headlights flashing. I was on 110 long before they reached me. As they caught up we entered a big sweeping bend, so I threw on my left hand indicator, but continued around the bend until we were on the next clear straight. He asked the usual, and said he was in behind the semi. My memory showed the Blue commodore poking it’s head out of the side of the trailer as they entered the straight, nearly a kilometre away. I had backed off to 110 as I reached the oncoming traffic but took no notice of the details commodore, or the stream of traffic behind it. I had assumed it was some Johnny attempting to pass the trailer. Anyway,I blew in the bag, he gave me my $133 ticket and then apologised for holding me up. I reckon I was doing a dollar twenty for about three minutes all up. But,it’s my fault. It’s their bad luck it wasn’t a different time, when traffic is predominantly trucks and sales reps. I used to consider 140/50, errr, and up to a consistent 160 on the Beef Road between Dingo and Middlemount. I always backed off as oncoming traffic approached (4 cars in 100km was a busy day), but I do like to get where I’m going. Even today. But I am disciplining myself to stay within limits. Fast is good, but slower can be better 😉
Beside that little hiccup, the drive was uneventful.
I was in Rocky about one o’clock Sunday arvo. I had to stop at the Canoona memorial for a snooze, about 50km North of the city.
…*To Be Continued*…


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