Having Fun

Hey gang.
Sorry about the dearth of posts, but we’ve been busy having fun, and not so fun.
No word on the ownership or otherwise of the van. Lill and I have been to Cooktown twice now. Got some stuff. We’ve washed clothes, and gardened, and explored, and talked (like about heaps of stuff), and she loves it here, and we’ve both been playing with our new toy. I couldn’t help myself, & went broke buying this for us to capture the memories. It cost what I ‘saved’ on the van.


I should recap a little. Lillian and I left Rockhampton on Monday afyernoon. It was a flying stop (I’ll spend more time there on my return in two weeks), to pick her up and pick up Tinas ashes. I left them with the other girls for now.
We arrived in Cairns about 07:30 Tuesday morning, dropped off the Commodore and picked up the van. We left Cairns at 14:30 and arrived at home around 20:00 after stopping at thd Middle shop. We drove the van up the Bloomfield Track and it went like a dream. You know the rest of that story.
On Wednesday around 11:00, we were in Cooktown. We spent most of Wednesday, plus all day Thursday in town, trying to sort out the car and other stuff. Plus Lill and I played tourists, having pancakes & bacon n eggs for brekky at the wharf, then went to the museum, and the gardens.
We spent most of Friday & Saturday at home, gardening and decorating.
These are a couple of our sarong/wall hangings.



We won’t be back in Cooktown until Wednesday 4th July, then we might *finally* get my Super and the van sorted. Sunday I think will be a beach day, up Plantation way.
Sunday was an excellent day. We got to see the BIG croc. Check the first photo. The small croc is about three metres long. The big one is 25 metres upstream.




Big hey? About 6 metres or so. A big, fat, lazy looking bilgamul.


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