A Grey Day and a Beautiful Friend

I’m trying to pull some intelligence out of my head to fill this whitespace, but it’s too hard. It is such a grey old day. I hoped for a sunshine day, but the clouds are hanging around still. We’ve had a week of overcast weather and it’s really starting to affect moods. It’s dull and sad, and I am feeling it.
We got the slasher going today, and I’ve started on the paddocks for the party. The grass is that thick that I nearly ended up in the septic tank because I couldn’t see it…eeewww…
Taking a break for a bit


We did some gardening too


Just a little transplanting. I’ll be removing the regrowth saplings from the hill before the weekend. I want the view up there for Norms Birthday party. I think I might spend some time up there. It’s a nice spot to sit and think.
Bare with me again please. I am trying really, really hard to let go here. I’m finding it very difficult. But I have to let go.

I have had the opportunity to get to know someone over the past couple of months. We’ve shared a little of our souls and helped each other grow a little bit stronger. I am going to miss this beautiful woman when she leaves here. I’ll be sad, not so much as hurt. She has to go. I know that, and I am not going to follow her. She doesn’t need that burden. Besides, even if that happened (because place shouldn’t matter), I would pine for my rainforest covered mountains & valleys, the pure mountain streams, serpentine rivers and pristine beaches. She needs to break free of here, of the circumstances she is trapped in, and live again on her terms. She needs to regain her self again (to fly like the angel she is).
I will carry her smile next to my heart up here in the valley. I’ll think of her. Her gorgeous eyes (the ones that make me melt), her cute nose, and her soft, beautiful lips (my lips have never touched hers). The way she lights up the world with that smile and her laughter. I will hope that her dreams do come true, and she finds that place with the view, and she builds that home she dreamed of. I hope she maintains faith in herself, her strength of spirit. I hope she remembers that she is a beautiful, beautiful soul and I will always cherish our friendship. You helped me feel again and I thank you so much for that. And I promise you, I won’t make a sad thing of what has been a beautiful friendship (almost a relationship for a fleeting moment?) . I will stay happy.
I love you Rosie xox.


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