Good Days

I think this week has been the best week I have had in I can’t remember. I have had the pleasure of my lovely daughter Lillian and we’ve really had a chance to learn more about each other. I haven’t seen Lill since Christmas, so it’s been good. I’m hanging to spend a bit more time in Rocky with Bonnie when I get back, and Vicki, Sarah, Alex & Kahlia, Loren, Ella and Willie & Tegan, Macca & Tara, Karen, Tracy, Phil, Egg & Pete, and out to Blackwater to see Kylie, Ashliegh & Kelsey. Whew, I’m stuffed already.
But anyway, the past few days have been really, really good. Other good things have happened too. And we’ve been preparing for Norms Birthday Shindig in the Valley tomorrow night. The sheep is ready, and possibly a little pig (bigi-bigi) might appear. There have already been a few family members warming up since yesterday, but they’re nearly all back home now. Resting for tomorrow (Saturday).
I had a long day. Woke up at 4:30 and did Wujal, then Hopevale, and caught up with Jasmine. She has had a bad couple of days, poor baby. We eventually got away from Cooktown late in the afternoon.

Well, it’s 2am Sunday and there ain’t no way I can sleep. We all had a pretty excellent night, which I shall elaborate on in the near future. Norm had an absolute ball!
But for now, I’m tired but I can’t sleep and I don’t want to type. It was an almost perfect night.
Here is a teaser


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