A Reinforcement From Somewhere

This is nearly a week ago: I just can’t sleep. But that is irrelevant. When I was eighteen years old, tanned, sporting long blonde hair, a full beard, leather hard feet, and generally wearing nothing but a sarong, a relatively older Venezuelan hippy told me a story based on an American Indian proverb. I never get the details right, but the message is the same.
“Inside our souls, two wolves constantly fight. One is a good wolf, pure of heart. The other is a bad wolf, poisoned with anger. They battle constantly. Sometimes the good wolf is winning, other times the bad wolf is stronger, but on they battle. The ultimate winner is decided by which wolf you choose to feed.
I was reminded of that story because I was drawn to the religious column in our local paper. It’s actually something I *never* read. Scripture type stuff hasn’t been my thing since reading heaps of the stuff in my peace, love & brown rice days. The column is written by Pastor Peter, from the Cooktown Baptist Church.
Quick digression
It’s not relevant to the discussion, but in the past I have had ‘issues’ with the Baptists. Especially that dancing is of the devil stuff…
End Digression
The article was titled, ‘Which one are you feeding?’ It began with the same proverb, albeit somewhat different as happens with most tales. But further on in the column, I had a “Be Excellent To Each Other” moment (think Bill & Ted). Pastor Peter went on to write about how the Apostle Paul (in the bible gang, you know) instructed, “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.” Like man, that Apostle Paul was a true Hippy. Maybe he met Bill and Ted during that excellent adventure they had. Like, Bill and Ted are real you know. Except in ‘Bogus Journey’. That was kinda bullshit. Sorry Keanu & old mate whatsisname, but even you have to admit it…
But I digress again. Sleep deprivation is fun…In conclusion, Pastor Pete advised, “Think before we speak and act.” T – is it true? H – is it helpful? I – is it inspiring? N – is it necessary? K – is it kind?
And I thought the whole article was so cool, but I can’t say it was effing cool just in case I upset my religious friends. I *think* I am doing alright according to the aforementioned advisements. I mean in myself as a person. A few very special people have reinforced my belief in myself. They know who they are…but yeah anyway…I chose to feed the good wolf, but not before the bad wolf nearly killed it. But that was a long time ago. I had issues n stuff. It’s 5:15am on Monday morning. I just cannot sleep. I drove to Mossman and back today, and I have stuff to do tomorrow morning early. I also need to run up to Cooktown. But I know I will crash by nine-thirty in the morning.


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