Bouncing off the Walls

This was the week just passed, 22-29 July 2012.
The past week has been one of the most emotionally eventful weeks of my life. So much has been happening, and it seems to be all good stuff. I am about to embark on a project that will help raise the profile of some of the local artists. I won’t say anything yet, but it will be very cool. I have also had the honour of being accepted into Normans family as his ‘brother’. It’s a respect thing more than anything else. It’s not that I was trying to get that respect. It’s that I love this land and love and respect the people who are custodians of this bubu. In turn, my friends family have returned that respect in more ways than this gesture of kinship. I am really humbled by the friendships I’ve made in the short time I have been back here. This bubu has a very magical, collective aura that envelops you once you accept it into yours.
Added to that magic is the luxury of having no TV or radio to dull the senses, and no instant internet access. This telecommunication void allows you to tune into the real world easier. Real conversations happen. People communicate.
I’ll fill you in on some updates later, but for now I’ll post this…with some pics (did I mention that I am happy?)






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