Back From Earth or Back To Earth

Sorry gang. A whole lotta stuff has happened this past month. I went Black Mountain Unplugged back on the weekend of the 10 thru 12th. I found myself again while I was there. It seems I had been hanging around the bottom of the mountain., waiting for me to find me again. 🙂 Feels damned fine too kiddoes.
I’ve given up smoking (six weeks clean I think) cigarettes. I’ve improved my diet. Ive (sort of) cut back on my alcohol intake, and I am … e x e r c i s i n g … no. True. I shit you not. I bought a pair of 8 kilo hand weights. I walk up the (steep) hill behind the house for about 200 metres with the weights. Then I do about ten minutes or so of upper body stuff. Then I do the hill down. Then I do some more stuff with the weights. I went to the doc yesterday and he is very happy with me. I’ve put on three and a half kg, and my bp is perfect. I feel effing fantastic actually!
Oooh ooooh I GOT MY VAN BACK! All the stolen vehicle shit is sorted and it’s mine!
So now I’ve set a bed up and some curtains and some rear speakers. It’s pretty comfortable.



I like colour and symbolism and nature, so that’s why it looks like it does. The tree of life quilt cover is really wikkid I think.
I think I should name her, but nothing has come to me yet. She is a silver-grey, 1985 Toyota Lite-Ace van. She’s an auto 4 cylinder, something I wouldn’t usually pick. But, the price was unbeatable.
I’ll probably paint ‘Look at me!’ rainbows on it some time in the future 😉 But for now, I’ll graff the obligatory ‘It’s ok, we’re from Cooktown’ across the back.
So, it’s now the 4th and I’m parked up on the highway North of Rockhampton doing some fatigue management. My van can do the Bloomfield Track. It’s far easier to get to Cairns from home via Cape Trib than the inland road. Here’s a pic of the mouth of the Daintrer River. I’ll post track pics when I get my camrra attached to a computer.



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