Harden The F%#k Up

Sometimes we (well at least me) want so much to be in a place that we can’t be, we end up with a head clogged with frustration and yearning. It can be very disconcerting to some.
The smart, logical, even Aussie bloke, thing to do is to take a spoonful of cement, harden up and get on with your shit. But sometimes it isn’t quite so easy.
Commence Digression
Did I tell you about Black Mountain Unplugged that happened last month (August). I found myself again. Seems I’d been waiting for myself in that paddock for 30 years while half of me went on an adventure through a parallel existence. It feels pretty damned good to be whole again 🙂
I will post pics next time I’m at a networked real computer.
End Digression
So, knowing exactly what you want, and where you want to be, but not logistically (in the present) being able to satisfy those wants, can be hard to accept. Especially for a born again Free Spirit.
But enough of that. I am parked up at a rest stop North of Kuttabul, which is North of Mackay. It’s just gone midnight and I’m taking some night shots of the moon and vehicles on the highway. Here is a sample. The quality is poor because I’m taking pics of my cameras screen.


They look better than that…honest they do!
Anyways, it’s past 1am, the fog has set in and I need to sleep. I think I’m gunna miss my appointment at Wujal Wujal tomorrow. Still about 1000km away…I think. Longest drive I’ve had to do in a while. It was much easier driving South to Brisbane. But it will be good to get home and see Norm, and the dawgs Jack and Floyd.
I’ll be driving back to Rocky in a month if the lil Ace is up for it. I may have lost reverse in the tranny  I’ll check the fluid level again. I check ALL my oils and waters every day. Twice. I can’t afford to let neglect kill my mobile bed. I also need to tune it so it stops chewing 12 litres per hundred km on the bloody highway. I mean, yes it’s a 1985 1.8 litre 4 cylinder auto with all the aerodynamics of a brick, but I would like it to be 10, not 12. I was going to bed wasn’t I, and then you distracted me with questions.
It is about now we notice that this blogger is slipping into a sleep deprivation induced trance, where he will write random stuff that slips out of his brain and onto the keyboard. But no, I will resist the stupor and post this (if I can get a signal)


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