Where Am I (and which way is North)

I figured I’d get involved with ‘The Daily Post’ and the latest Writing Challenge.
So, these photos were taken on the Peninsula Development Road in Far North Queensland, Australia.

I run up this road fairly regularly and this sign always makes me smile.
The Great Dividing Range stretches from up this way to as far South as Victoria, our Southernmost mainland State.
The Range is also home to our highest mountain, Mt Kosciusko at 2228 metres.


The Peninsula Development Road will take you to the Northernmost tip of Australia, the tip of Cape York.
On your way to the tip, and not far South of this sign (I know, I’m all backwards) you’ll come across the historic Musgrave Telegraph station.
The sign on the side of the fuel tank gives you an idea of how far you have to travel to your destination.


…and the road can be difficult at times. Late in the dry, the currogations and dust holes appear…


…sometimes it’s easier to ride the table drain, or edges of the road to avoid having you and your vehicle shaken to pieces.

Peninsula Development Road03


I’ll post more pics from up this way soon



4 thoughts on “Where Am I (and which way is North)

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  2. There used to be signs on the dirt roads south of Mt Isa “Please drive all over the road” meaning to take a different track to preceeding vehicles to slow down the rate of corrugation and bulldust hole formation.


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