The Wet Season Teaser-Stuff Grows

We have had a fair bit of chiefly local rain up here lately. The rain band was restricted to coastal areas from about Cape Tribulation to here,
but it produced enough rain to keep the soil moist and get things growing in the garden/forest. New shoots were everywhere…

New Shoots

New Shoots

These tendrils caught my eye, desperately clinging to a stalky branch

Stuff Grows02

…and these, stretching for a grip

Stuff Grows03

Trees are starting to grow again, after their Winter rest

Stuff Grows09

Stuff Grows04

Flowers are budding too. This

Stuff Grows05

…becomes this

Stuff Grows06

The ferns are shooting too. I found these on an old log…these ferns aren’t growing down. This image was
taken from above. They’re growing horizontally from the edge of the log.

Stuff Grows08

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