The Paths We take

red flower

It never rains, it pours.

The past seven days has seen three long term employment opportunities come my way.
They all have resulted from previous efforts to get a job. One involves a permanent driving position with school holidays free (sort of).
The other is working in admin at a school that also gives me free timme during school holidays (plus I do the driving job at the same time).
The latest one involves moving and working in a security based position down South. So now I have to make a choice.

There are pros and cons to both options.

If I stay here, I will have enough money to travel to Bris on holidays, and travel to Rocky and other places.
However, I will be restricted to school holidays or Fri-Sun travelling if I choose this option.
I will also still be up here in this little paradise, without much change in my general lifestyle.

If I relocate, I will have a better income. However, I will have extra rent, electricity and commuting costs.
But, I will be closer to where I want to be in my heart and soul. It was mentioned by someone 😉 that I love a challenge. This is true.
I also love the unexpected, adventure, surprises, the unknown, and the sense of purpose and spirit
I have when I am where I am beginning to think of as ‘home’.

That place has changed from what I perceived it to be seven months ago.


I now have another reason. A purpose. A desire. I am whole. I feel good in myself
and want to do more than just ‘exist’. Maybe I can slow down again in my seventies,
but right now I want to live 🙂

Anyway. Cutting a long story short. I will move if I am offered the job. Let the adventure continue!

Here I am

Two hands together

Love, protection, understanding.


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