Sometimes we see things and think nothing of them, or they appear quite tiny. Then you see them in perspective and they can become quite big things (or small on the other hand). But I’m not being philosophical, merely trying to introduce the following two images to show how perspective in imaging works. To ascertain the true size of something, you need a comparative object to create perspective.

Take this picture for example. A nice scene showing the Ceratodus overnight rest stop about 20km North of Eidsvold in Central Queensland. Nice campground. A few trees. The one in front looks normal…


But it is somewhat larger than it looks


Here your lesson in perspective endeth.


2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Point well made Brad…..I’m also liking the interesting growth at 2-person height on the left looking like some otter with a bulbous nose.
    Magnificent tree.


  2. A strange consequences characteristic of the ideas in the minds of individuals with at least some experience – follows from the fact that the perceived spatial ordering of things originates in the sequences in which the qualities of sensations are presented by our moving sense organs: the objects in the space around us appear to possess the qualities of our sensations. They appear to be red or green, cold or warm, to have an odour or a taste, and so on. Yet these qualities of sensations belong only to our nervous system and do not extend at all into the space around us. Even when we know this, however, the illusion does not cease, for it is the primary and fundamental truth. The illusion is quite simply the sensations which are given to us in spatial order to begin with.


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