Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Home. Some consider it a physical place; Four walls, maybe a nice garden. Others think of it as a state of being, but some of us think of home as a person, another soul that makes you feel warm and loved. Someone that lets you believe in yourself. Someone who doesn’t judge or negatively criticize. That person you could happily be with 24/7.

I seem to be a very lucky soul. I have had two people in my life that have made me feel this way. Most of you know my story, but for those who don’t, look here from about August 2011.

Anyway, we’re talking about ‘Home’. My physical home is very special. My good friend and I live in a little bit of paradise up in Far North Queensland, backed onto World Heritage rainforest, in what some people might call a shack. We have no mobile/cell service, no TV, no radio. But we do have satellite Internet, mains power, gas stove and some of the best mountain water you will ever taste. This is our home:

The Bush House

My Physical Home

We share our home with Jack the Cattle dog and Floyd the freaky dog (you can see them up there in the pic).

Our home is also home to other creatures. We have a resident Cooktown Ring-tailed Gecko (Cyrtodactylus tuberculatus)

Cooktown Ring-tailed gecko

Our Gecko. All 22cm of him/her

We also had a couple of the local Sunbirds decide that they liked our place so much, they’d build a nest under our roof.

Sunbird and nest

Female Sunbird constructing Her nest

So, that’s my physical home and I love it.

I guess my idea of home is also a state of mind. If I am comfortable and happy, I suppose I am home.
But it’s deeper than that. For me, home is a person.
She makes me whole.
She unknowingly showed me that I was actually alive when I was thought I was just existing in a shell.
She gives me reason, She is my reason. My enough. She fills my world, warms my soul and
has my heart. She is Home.

Two hands together

Love, protection, understanding.


Another post as a contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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  9. I think we have many similarities when it comes to ‘home’. I would also add that I feel a sense of ‘home’ simply by walking over the land around this area we’ve called home for 30 years. There is a comforting feel of ‘oneness’ with it…..that I would be happy to die here and return to the earth.


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