Reblogging because I believe in free speech, not hate filled vitriol.

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Free Speech or Licensed Abuse

Most Australians would never have heard of the Westboro Baptist Church. It is a church of hate that is anti almost everything socially progressive. However it saves its most vitriolic and vile hatred for gay people, Catholics and Jews. On a regular basis they picket the funerals of gay service men. Although they don’t limit themselves to gays. In fact, WBC members say that “God’s hatred is one of His holy attributes” and that their picketing is a form of preaching to a “doomed” country unable to hear their message in any other way.

In 2011 they picketed the funeral of Matthew Synder with placards like “Thank God for dead soldiers,” You’re Going to Hell,” God Hates the USA/Thank God for 9/11,” and one that combined the U.S. Marine Corps motto, Semper Fi, with a slur against gay men.The fact that Matthew was not gay…

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