Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (or ‘A Bit of Gimp Play’)

The Gimp is an Open Source, free alternative to Photoshop. I haven’t used PS for a long time, and have just started to come to grips with Gimp. It is a very powerful program. Check it out here:

The Gimp

I had a very amateur  play with The Gimp this evening. I did some custom tweaks to some inbuilt filters and used the clone tool (very poorly). This is the original, untouched imageImage

I removed the modern tower that was poking up behind the synagogue and then Patched up my roughness a bit (see third image). I used layers and clone tools and erasers and an airbrush. Then I did some mild posterizing effects.


I played with the ‘Supernova’ lighting effect to place three sparklies on the spires etc. You can see my poor patching over of the building that was in the original.


Finally, I just went psychedelic with the colorising/ourising tool


I’ll play some more and show some post processing tools next time.


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