A B C Alphabet Photography

EDIT: Shame on me. I forgot to credit ‘PicMonkey‘ for the final touches I applied to these images. I decided to use them because they have an excellent interface, and a heap of editing and special effects options, and they’re free! An advanced set of options are opened up with a subscription. Very cool. Anyway, back to your normal programming. Please, check them out.

EDIT 2: The latin ‘audax ad fidelis’ (see ‘Glass’ below), translates to ‘Bold but Faithful’. Just in case you were curious.

(On a recent trip away, my daughter, a very good friend, and myself played a photo game. We went out for the day with the goal of capturing 26 images,  each representing a letter of the alphabet. Here was my somewhat poor effort.

A is for Arch

A is for Arch

B is for Bark

B is for Bark

C is for City

C is for City



Brisbane City at Night from Mt Coot-tha


A flight of stone steps ascending a hill

Flight (of steps)

Stained Glass doors




That’s enough for one post. I’ll continue the alphabet with photos in my next post.


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