The Garden Is Healthy

Well, it’s been a month since my last post about the garden, so I decided to take a few pics this evening and give you an update to compare to four weeks ago.
The first one is the satellite dish. I added more compost and planting mix, the built a maze like trellis on top. The base has Tiny Tim tomatoes, seedling Ox-Hearts, dwarf kale, a couple of zucchini on the back side, about a dozen different beans, and about the same in peas (Purple Pod). The dish is 2 metres in diameter and next season (about three months), I’ll fill the dish to the brim with a soil mix and plant carrots and Beetroot, with some silverbeet in between the circles (you don’t plant rows in a straight line )
Satellite Dish 01


The beans have powered on since the beginning of August:

The beans four weeks on. These beans are about five weeks old

The beans four weeks on. These beans are about five weeks old


This is the garden with the Nasturtiums and the Cannas and stuff. See the nasturtium flower buds? :


This is my octopod. I’ve planted another batch of beans and peas around the outer edge and will finish making the fishing line ladder tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “The Garden Is Healthy

  1. I get so much satisfaction out of my garden, too. Yours probably does better than mine, given the increased rainfall and area to actually have a garden but we probably share the joy of growing things. Maybe I should do a garden post, as well. Stay posted…


  2. I love the way you recycle things to be used in the garden! My latest is a baby’s bath and the water holder for an aqua carpet shamooer. Your garden is coming along nicely. It’s great to blog about our success and failures month by month becuase it’s amazing how easily we forget šŸ™‚


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