Two Years

When she was still here in flesh, we would sometimes discuss our impending deaths. You know, as in ‘we are all mortal’, and stuff. Anyway, we both strongly agreed that the other was not allowed to die first. We would playfully argue that we would ‘leave’ before the other, which at times left us in blubbering messes, hugging each other and demanding that the *never* die. In a perfect world we both would live forever, or die on the same day, at the same time, of old age, laying in a hammock on the porch of our little self-sufficient cabin in the rainforest, close to the beach.

We discussed how lost we would be. How we couldn’t *imagine* life without the other. Trying to imagine an existence without each other.

One afternoon in early November 2010, we both listened to this:
Like A Version (The Seabellies), 5th November 2010

We sobbed. We cried, and we went through the ‘don’t die before me’ thing again.

Twelve months later she was gone. We wouldn’t ‘see’ each other again. No shack. No hammock by the beach for us to grow old in together.
Our new found paradise by the beach was nothing without *us*. She was the magic that made our home the special place that it was.
But please, let me take you back, because for those of you who never met her, and didn’t know us, you may get to know her some more. She was a loving, passionately caring Mother and Grandmother. She was a good friend. She was a Sister, an Aunt, a shoulder, a confidante. She was Tina, our Phoenix.

She was funny. She adored her family. This post will make you smile

She also had some other passions, aside from family and friends:

Climate Change was one. And alternative energies.

She loved her art. All forms. She had been using natural materials to create things

She was an Artist

She was an Artist

You will never be forgotten by anyone. Your family, your friends, those you influenced. We love you Tina. We miss you every day. You are always in our hearts.

Photographer, nature lover, animal lover, best friend.

Photographer, nature lover, animal lover, best friend.

Scratch a belly

Scratch a belly

I would write more, but I think to understand, you should go back to here, and start reading.

6 thoughts on “Two Years

  1. I have never met either of you, but I’m cherished to know you blog and I have not cried like I did reading both your previous blog, The Green bus, as well as your previous posts dedicated to Tina, I have not cried like thsi in a while. So very very beautiful. True love. xo


  2. Bradley. what a special , deep, thinking man you have become. I never knew Tina, that’ s ok. I know some of her through you and your entries on Facebook. Your Mum and Dad would be so proud of you at this moment, as I am. Your loving Aunty Jackie


  3. thanks for those pics of her brad..I only had that scar one..

    I just went through the same thing, only faster if possible…
    my old GF and my ex band member came from ontario to quebec to look after mom in law going for lump in lung..
    well she didn’t have C…so just removed..
    that night gord and donna came by..we had a few beers and J’s..

    they went home…she had a to two hosp..
    stage 4 C in brain lungs liver and #3 spleen…she was in perfect health ZERO symptons….
    sso 3 days later back had radiation mask done…so that night another to hosp 2 days later she passed from TTP…
    its where all the small arteries close and shut down organs…from diagnosis to passing 17 days

    I worry about Gord now as he is like you Brad…you and T were always together and same with G and D..
    actually it was just their 20th anniv…so I worry that he’ll be lost as I was for you..

    I know you still hurt buddy..I do too..its funny how many times a week I don’t mention tina or her artistic side…
    peace my damn aussie brother…..


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