The High Fashion Industry Is Ugly

WELL. I mean, well. I was doing my usual news surfing today, and this popped up somewhere.
“Spray on clothes” I thought, “What a novel idea.” But what I saw kinda blew me away.

This video clip reveals more about the disturbing reality of the modelling industry than it does about the spray on garments.
After watching this video, I could not help but think models in the industry are considered to be faceless, non-human mannequins. Palettes for some super-ego’d,
talentless clothing designer that failed at designing ‘real’ clothes, and so resorted to becoming some eccentric, obscure ‘artiste’ of fashion. It’s this sort of ‘high fashion’ bullshit that perpetuates the belief that in order to be worthwhile in the industry, one must border on malnourished. Small, positive steps are being taken to promote healthy, rather than morbidly thin ‘bodies’ in the industry, but while this continues, models will always be under pressure to conform to a ‘size’.


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