Why Bullying in Schools Needs Action From ALL of Us

I was recently made aware of a video circulating the Internet, mainly through social media, about bullying in schools. My friend who passed the video on had this to say:

Wow, this is pretty powerful. This is the reason I stand up when My sons are bullied. They were being bullied everyday: tripped, called names, isolated, whispered about, blamed for things they didn’t do, told they weren’t good enough to play with, teased for having developmental delays and teased because they were the brother of a “spastic”. I know my boys are not perfect but they do not deserve to be treated in this way. No-body does.

I am thankful that my sons tell me when they are being bullied, so I can get help and do something about it. I am thankful that now my sons have a principal that wont stand for it, and acts immediately because I feel it would not have been long before my oldest son refused to be abused and would start fighting back and become a bully himself. He already has stood up for his brothers and stood between them and harms way in the playground.

There is strong campaigning about Domestic Violence and how this is abuse and it is ‘no longer tolerated’ in our society. Well how about we start with the kids in the playground. Banter between kids is a natural part of school life but consistent abuse should not be. – To be truthful I have just re-read what I just wrote and am stunned and ashamed that I even have to write down publicly that the abuse of our children should not be acceptable, let alone at school!

Bullying is a real and immediate issue our children face sometimes everyday. It must stop. What are you doing to stop bullying in your kids school?

The video is here:



One thought on “Why Bullying in Schools Needs Action From ALL of Us

  1. we’ve had a few deaths from it and aren’t taking it lightly anymore….
    in our days it was fight after school and all over …and always against 1 foe..not a phalanx..

    kids now days have it so much worse than we did.


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