Flying Again-A Huge Post With Lots of Images

Clouds from above

Clouds from above

Another flight to Brisbane, and more images.

I like flying. I like the view of the clouds, and the earth, from above. My flight down this time was delayed an hour, due to storms around Brisbane, my destination again. The flight was due to depart at 16:40 (4:40pm), but we didn’t get away until well after 18:00 (6pm). This proved to be a bonus for me photo wise though. I got some pretty awesome cloud shots, and some somewhat blurred, but pretty images of Brisbane, and the Storey Bridge in Rainbow lights.





The past several weeks have been full of surprises fo me. I turned 50 on the 13th…no, that wasn’t a surprise, but the events that unfolded afterwards were. My ‘Born Day’ night was spent at home, quietly. I kinda liked that. I didn’t want to get on the piss or anything really. Speaking of in, our Sunbird is still looking after her chick. Norm and Bronco (Norm’s brother) chased a Brown tree snake off while I was away. It was heading across the rafters towards the nest. Away. Yes, I went to Brisbane again to see my (SO/GF/BFF/BGF/BF/something something) beautiful, sweet friend, Rosie. I organised to head down so that she could concentrate on studying while I held the fort. We had a quiet first part of the week, with R studying and doing prac. The weekend came and we slowed down just a little. We headed out very early Sunday morning to try and catch some sunrise photos from Mt Coot-Tha. Unfortunately, storms and rain had happened overnight, and a thick layer of cloud obscured any views of the city, or horizon. While we were up on the mountain, Rosie mentioned again, a surprise she had for me. Now, I am pretty good at guessing things, and she was in the car, feeding stuff into the GPS before we left. So, anyway, I was thinking that she’d organised a party somewhere. I was so wrong. As we left Mt Coot-Tha, she asked me to pass her the GPS. We ended up down past Ipswich. My sisters had bought 5 laps in a V8 race car for me, down at Willowbank to the South West of Brisbane. That was pretty awesome. I put the raw video from the car up on YouTube. You can see it at the link below these cool pics that Rosie took:











This is the in car perspective of my laps. Listen for when I find 5th instead of 3rd. I do it twice:

This short clip by Rosie is the last little blat down the back straight before I had to come in:

The drive was very enlightening :). It took me 3 laps to begin to get used to the incredible grip that those racing slicks and the tight, low suspension give these 2 ton, 500HP beasts. By the 4th lap, I was getting used to the thing, and by the 5th, I was going to hunt around that Red Commodore…but I only had 5 laps, and what I thought was lap 5, was in fact the *end* of lap 5 :(. I will be back for more though. Next time I’m doing 8 laps (or 2 lots of 8). I reckon after 6 laps you could have a good feel for the grip and getting the power to the wheels effectively. We left the race track and headed for home, because we were going to see the 50th Anniversary Dr who movie in 3D at Morayfield, North of Brisbane that afternoon. My Rosie is a Dr Who ‘tragic’ I think. She follows the series religiously and has strong views on each Doctor. The 10th is her favourite for those who love the Doctor. I bought her a few Whovian presents while I was down. We caught up with friends that night, and watched the special on TV, and then watched the dramatised story of how Dr Who came to be in the BBC studios. That was a very cool ‘doco’ of sorts. The next week, we headed up the Sunshine Coast and had dinner with my sister while she was down from Burrum Heads, in Noosaville visiting her daughter, son, and grand daughter.

On Thursday, my lubbly Niece, Kelsey, and her best buddy Dakoda, came over. Then, on the Friday night, I got this big surprise! R had been out all day, and returned with Lill, my daughter (from Rockhampton…as in she picked her up from the airport). I was blown away! Anyway, on the Saturday, I was sent out with Lill for the day, to take her into the city to take photos . mmm, things seemed amiss, but I carried on. I took Lill for a drive up past old Mango Hill, now known as NorthLakes, and on past Kippa-Ring to Redcliffe. The North Moreton Tourist Drive that starts at Boondall and goes through to Scarborough, crosses the Redcliffe road, so we detoured and headed South to follow it towards the city. We crossed the ‘Hornibrook’ bridge that crosses the mouth of the Pine River between Redcliffe and the peninsula North of Sandgate. This took us all the way into Fortitude Valley (‘The Valley’), where we parked and went for a wander to take some snaps. Our first stop was just past the Wickham Hotel, and ‘Garuva’ just down the street to the Lamborghini shop. I asked the salesperson if I could take some photos of my favourite car, the Aventador (with the see thru engine fins), all $907000 of it. They were very obliging, “just don’t touch it, the alarms will go off”.

A beautiful car, and my beautiful daughter.

A beautiful car, and my beautiful daughter.

We thanked the folks at the Lambo shop and then headed up to Chinatown, and did some more tourist snapping.

The carp in Chinatown, The Valley, Brisbane.

The carp in Chinatown, The Valley, Brisbane.

By then the morning rain had cleared, and we headed back to the car to drive further into the city. We parked 3 levels down in the Queen Street underground carpark and headed up into the ‘Big Smoke’ of Brisbane.










We walked around for quite a while, then headed to the City Hall building to see if we could get tickets for the bell tower lift. We got in for the 3:45 tour, so spent some time in the Museum of Brisbane, on the 3rd floor of the grand old City hall.









On the way home, we decided to stop and have a look at the Lutwyche Cemetary. There is a lot of history in the grounds, back to the late 1800’s that we saw. Many were between the early 1900’s through to today.




Whovians will appreciate the Angels.

On the way in, I had to take a shot of this Audi. Very smooth.



We got back to Rosie’s at about 6:30pm, and the inner roller door to the garage was closed. It was then the penny dropped, just as the roller door came up and a whole bunch of rellies and friends yelled “SURPRISE!” This beautiful soul had been contacting all the friends and relatives she could get onto that she knew of, to get them to her place for a party for me :). How cool is that? My Aunty and her boyfriend were there, Lill, Kris, my boy, Kelsey and her girlfriend Shaylee, Kels’ best friend Dakoda, and Michelle and Joanne, who I hadn’t seen for over 10 years. I received a Born Day gift of a bottle of Wild Turkey from M & J (not consumed on the night, but worth a story on its own), and then Rosie gave me a beer. A Coopers Celebration Ale (yummm). She then took me inside and handed me a parcel from Coopers. She had bought me a V8 Supercars Coopers Mild Ale pack. In the box was a Tyre tread Stubby Cooler with the Mild Ale labelling, a key ring, a White on Black ‘Coopers’ T-shirt, and a Coopers Mild Ale Black apron. As you know, Coopers Mild Ale is the official beer of the V8 Supercars series. You should try some. Unfortunately, some other special people couldn’t make it up or down for the party, but it was still a great night. I didn’t get any decent photos, even though I only had 5 beers. I guess I was too tied up talking with my Aunty and rellies and friends. However, Rosie managed to get a couple.





I had to say goodbye to Rosie on Monday, with a promise to be back in the New Year. I hate the airport on the ‘bye’ days.

The flight back was the best way to help ease those maudlin thoughts when you have to leave someone you love. I picked a West facing window seat, and luckily, the skies were pretty clear as we flew North to Cairns. I got some good pics of Redcliffe and the bridge, Bribie Island, and other places. Then we flew to the East of Rockhampton and I got some great shots of my former home city. I also got a shot of Hedlow Creek and ‘Myola’, the property Tina and I once rented out at Milman. Further North, I got some so-so shots of the reef, but then the cloud came in.



Cloud formed by smoke from a bushfire in South Western Queensland.

Shallow water off the coast

An unknown, weird looking mine.

The Fitzroy delta

Rockhampton from the air

The photo below is of the property Tina and once rented back in 2008 I think. The property was 1800 acres, and that dam cover approximately 100 acres.


The above image is Hedlow Creek. The creek is a popular swimming/camping area for many Rockhampton locals for many years.
Our Rockhampton families often went out to Hedlow and swam or climbed the mountain The small mountain that is just below centre of the image was always a fun climb.


I spent 2 days in Cairns with a good mate (the Turkey story for future reference) who is a fisherman, and jumped on the bus with Andrew driving, to go home to Bloomfield. Due to the King tides, we had a few hors to kill before the tide would be low enough at the Bloomfield crossing in Wujal Wujal. Andrew took the opportunity to stop at Alexandra Lookout, the ice-cream factory and Cape Tribulation beach. I took the opportunity to take a bunch of blurry photos ‘through the windscreen’ of the Bloomfield Track. The following sets are of some live coral trout awaiting export, the new road works in Cairns, The Daintree-Cape Tribulation road, and the Bloomfield Track. Oh, and some pretty flowers at the Cape Trib ice-cream factory:

A note about the above image. There were two trucks coming up the range. The angle is about 35 to 40 degrees.



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