A Medicine That Will Reduce Severe Epileptic Seizures

Not just reduce the frequency and severity, but in some cases, stop them altogether. Severe epileptic conditions such as Dravet’s Syndrome can cause sufferers to have seizures in the order of 1200 a month (roughly 2 an hour).  For one child, this drug has reduced that incidence to around none. For others who have been given this type of tincture, seizures have drastically reduced in frequency and severity, and in some cases have stopped altogether. Most of you know that I’m pro-Cannabis, and pro Cannabis legalization based on peer reviewed scientific evidence amassed over the past 20 or more years. I have been a long believer in the medicinal value of this plant, and the evidence consistently points to my belief being true. Please watch the following clip that shows how a tincture of non-psychoactive compounds reduces and even eliminates seizures in children suffering severe types of epilepsy, such as Dravet’s Syndrome. The tincture is made by Mullaways Medical Cannabis PTY LTD.

Link to  Australian ‘Today Tonight’ segment about Tony Bower and his treatment using non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

If, after watching this segment, you feel that cannabis should be legalized to allow for more widespread and controlled testing, then please head to Change.org and sign this Petition.
Tony Bower himself could also do with some support. You can follow Tony on his Facebook page, or you could go one step further and support the Australian Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Party, or even join to help show the numbers of people who support a natural medicine, with negligible side effects, that really works.

Tony Bower

Tony Bower

If you are interested in seeing more evidence of how cannabinoids are being used by every day people to alleviate symptoms of, halt the progression of, and even cure some diseases, then check the links below:

I first heard of Cathy Jordan about 6 years ago, when She had lived  more than 15 years beyond her expected ‘expiry’ date. If you have a look at Cathy Jordan’s YouTube page, you’ll find her documented story and how she discovered by accidental good fortune, that smoking Cannabis alleviated her ALS symptoms (YouTube clip). I think that if you watch her story, you’ll be humbled. It took until 2004 for a study to be conducted on animals that concluded that THC could stop the progression, and alleviate the symptoms of Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Cathy and Bob Jordan

Cathy and Bob Jordan

Canadian Rick Simpson has been making a cannabis oil (he calls it Hemp Oil) for many years. His website is Phoenix Tears. He has suffered persecution from his armed forces league, been threatened with jail, and has had to flee Canada. His oil cures skin cancers with topical application and has helped many people treat their cancers (lung, stomach, brain) to a point where there is no sign of any cancer in their bodies. This video tells his story.

Rick Simpson with a 3 month treatment of his oil

Rick Simpson with a 3 month treatment of his oil

Dennis Hill, a Biochemist, cured his stage 4 Prostate cancer using cannabinoids.
Dennis Hill

Kristina Marie was diagnosed with Glioma (Brain Cancer) and was told she would die. She rejected Chemotherapy and used Rick Simpson’s Oil instead.

Five years ago, the Cancer Research Journal (US), published a study showing that cannabinoids inhibit the proliferation of glioma cells by inducing Apoptosis (cell suicide).

The Medical Journal of Australia has published an article arguing for the exemption from prosecution of people caught using cannabis for medicinal use.

More information about Cannabis and how it is used medicinally can be found here.

6 thoughts on “A Medicine That Will Reduce Severe Epileptic Seizures

  1. I am Amanda from texas usa,my son was suffering from this devilish disease called epilepsy when i heard about how cannabis oil have been curing this disease i decided giving it a trial,i saw an article on how cancer centre London provides cannabis oil so i contacted them via email londoncancercentre@gmail.com and within 5days the cannabis oil was delivered to my address and apart from that he gave me instructions on how to use the oil. My son is now free and no longer an epileptic patient.To my greatest surprise this cannabis oil works like a magic.


  2. This is a great post. Thank you for raising awareness regarding the medicinal benefits of cannabis.
    Australia needs to legally recognise this – and it’s great news trials are beginning. There are just too many people who need treatment, and are risking conviction for it.
    Thanks again for the post!


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