The Common Green Tree Frog

…is a noisy bugger when he gets into a breeding mood. The rain started on Friday and has been going almost continuously since then. We’ve had a couple of breaks, like last night (morning really) when the flying ants invaded (and the mozzies), and today when the rain clouds decided to split and run South and North of us. It would have been a good opportunity to mow again, but I decided that it was a good day to just wait. The ground was too wet anyway. Well, the rain started again about 3:30/4 ish and hasn’t really stopped. The rain is forming off the coast here and dumping it all over us and the surrounding coastal flats and mountain ranges. When it rains like this, the mountains cop heaps of water, which flows directly down the side of the mountains as this old image shows, and then into the creeks that carve their way between the steep slopes. If it rains hard enough the road can be cut in up to half a dozen places between Wujal Wujal and Helenvale (The Lions Den Hotel). Our road is made of red clay/dirt and in some places, large chunks of ‘Blue Metal’, designed to increase traction and help stabilize the track where the clay has surfaced. There are four dips that run through small creek beds that can be impassable when the rains gets real heavy.  Some sections of our ‘road’ (track) are like grease when wet too, and some of those greasy sections are just before dips into the creek crossings. It’s a definite ‘trap for young players’ and tourists.

The rain also brings out the frogs. There have been a couple up in and around the house tonight; both calling like crazy. These frogs are Common Green Tree Frogs (Litoria caerulea). You can listen to the noisy things here:

This Green Tree frog was at home on the concrete near the kitchen

This Green Tree frog was at home on the concrete near the kitchen

The one below was trying to hide in the garden

Common Green tree frog swollen from calling

Common Green tree frog swollen from calling








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