640 Square Centimetres

It’s been raining a bit, so getting out to take photos is not a good idea. It can look mildly overcast one moment, then dump 10mm on you in a couple of minutes. So I decided, out of sheer boredom, to see what I could see in an area of garden close to the house (undercover). The area was just a spot where a Crows Nest fern is growing, next to the large Eucalyptus Torelliana (Cadagi) that shades our roof all day. The only thing I didn’t find in that area was the poor Emperor Moth that had been tangled up in some web and got injured.

On with the images:

I really got into the delicateness of the ends of these Crows Nest ( Asplenium australasicum) fern shoots.

Crows nest fern new leaf

Crows nest fern new leaf


I noticed some fine web on this one:

…which led me to this St Andrews Cross spider (Argiope keyserlingi) wrapping up its prey.


Next to that I saw this Boll Weevil cowing down on some leaves of an exotic weed of some sort.


I took a shot of the underside of the fern leaves to show the spore lines. When I looked at the image on the computer, I saw all these different bugs:


I also saw this frog in the same spot the night before, so it counts. A Common Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea)


I also found this guy. An Emperor Moth (Syntherata janetta) that had been a little caught up in some spider web:





3 thoughts on “640 Square Centimetres

  1. Stunning photographs Brad….especially the moth. I only became interested in photography last year, and, as your pictures illustrate, it’s amazing how much more you can see in the world with the aid of a photograph. I’m guessing the white spots on the back of the birdsnest fern might be mealy bugs.


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